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Day after positive OPK too late?

Sorry about this but any advice or info would be appreciated. 

This is my second month using the premom opks and I got my positive on cycle day 14 morning. (I’m not temping so I’m not exactly sure when I ovulated but just assuming it would either be the evening of cycle day 14 or cycle day 15.)

However my husband was working away the 4 days before and the day of my positive opk so we only dtd the day after my positive opk (about 30 hrs after). 

Are we still in with a chance this cycle?

I know it’s hard to tell because I’m not sure on my exact ovulation but any advice would be appreciated as I feel like I’m already out this month and I’m only on cycle day 18.  

Sorry for the long post but thanks to anyone who reads 💞


  • Ovulation usually occurs 12-36 hours after your positive test so you might still be in for this cycle. However, the only way to verify that ovulation has occurred is by measuring your basal body temperature.
  • @Poca92 Thank you so much for the reply! Here’s hoping I ovulated closer to the 36 hours then. I think I’ll have to purchase a basal body thermometer if AF shows her face. They sound a lot more accurate. 
  • BBT testing has the issue of often only showing that you’ve ovulated already. I usually get a little dip
    in my BBT just before I ovulate then it rises up high afterwards BUT not everyone gets the dip so you get no warning. There’s also a chance that your BBT will vary for loads of reasons. So they’re not more accurate - I used to only check my BBT and I definitely missed ovulation most of the time! 🙄 but I’m finding that doing both is pinning it down a lot more for me 👌🏼 It’s a mission though 🤣🤣
  • Hi I thought I’d just update. 

    Unfortunately AF arrived right on time 😢. At least now I can make sure to try and BD the days leading up to ovulation too. 
  • I'm sorry this month didnt work out. Feel free to join us on our Testing in May - first babies of 2022! thread if you'd like some support.
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