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Testing in September!

Hi all, thought it would be a good idea to start a September thread. Good luck to all still waiting for that longed for bfp! 


  • I'm due now. I used to come on between the first and third of each month but the last two months have come on earlier. I don't think I am pregnant as last week I got a bit of white/pale yellow discharge and then a bit more yesterday. I tend to do the opposite to everyone else, instead of symptom spotting I period spot like a complete pessimist!! 
    How is everyone doing? Xx
  • Hello Hannah.. Today is my CD4. Last cycle I felt totally diff from the previous cycles but it didn't happen. This time round I am on letrozole. We will see how will it help. We are on ttc cycle #9. Fingers crossed this month for a BFP.
  • Hey Everyone, @hannah22 currently 12DPO but the way my RHR is crashing I'm not expecting good news for this cycle. Will be on to month 15th when this cycle is over.
  • Hi all, 

    I'm out, came on yesterday and having a horrible one just to make things worse.. Each cycle as I'm sure you can all feel it gets harder and harder. I question whether it will ever happen but then I look on here and have recently seen a few ladies who have been trying to conceive for a long time and have got that bfp. One was trying two years so that gives me hope . 

    Mileycyoj- Hey cycle buddy :) What's letrozole? I haven't been to the doctors yet so think I will give it another month and then go.. Fingers crossed for our bfp's! 

    Poca92- Sorry to hear Poca that you think you are out this month. 
  • Yes yes yes! Hold out hope @hannah22 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I was over two years and really didn’t think it was ever going to happen, started the fertility treatment route and then got my BFP 2 weeks ago (tidally naturally - before any real treatment - had just had scans!)
    It still doesn’t feel real and I’m praying that it sticks but even if something did go wrong I, at least, now know and believe it can happen!
    stat positive, try to take your total focus off or somehow and relax 🙏🏼🙏🏼  Wishing you all so much luck and baby dust, I still check in on here lots to see how you’re all doing xxxxx
  • Hello @hannah22 Letrozole is similar to Clomid. The doctors where I am from will prescribe letrozole. So I am suppose to take them CD2 - CD6. It helps to increase the size of the follicle so it helps with higher chance of successful implantation. Doctor asked us to go for a scan on CD12 to see if it ruptured and whether its a successful implantation (considering the egg is fertilized). Something like that. 
  • Hi @hannah22 - sorry AF got you. Do you by any chance track your ovulation somehow? 
    @milecyoj and @Poca92 any news? 
    I'm 7dpo (or 8, depending on how to read the ovulation test). Had cramping yesterday evening, but not sure if it's related to 2ww or just random. 

  • @Bundaberg Just waiting for AF to arrive sometime today to start a new cycle and third round of clomid. 
  • KelB79- Thank you for your kind words. I'm so happy for you that you finally got your bfp. Wishing you every luck with your pregnancy. Your perseverance and success does help, I'll try and remember that when I'm despairing! 

    Mileycyoj- So it increases your chance of conceiving? That's good. Is this the first drug you were given after going to the doctor ? 

    Bundaberg- I use the ov sticks but nothing else. Although I'm thinking of using the premom app this month. 

    Poca92- fingers crossed af doesn't arrive! 
  • @hannah22 AF made her appearance late yesterday afternoon. The same day my sister in law told me that she was pregnant so had a pretty suck-ish day. thinking this cycle is my last trying actively before my fertility appointment in december.
  • How are you holding up?
    I'm 10 or 11 dpo. Cramping since three days, lightheaded, and now I got that metallic taste in my mouth but I don't want to test before I'm due or overdue. Planned a spa weekend starting Saturday and I don't want to know before that if that makes sense. 
  • @Bundaberg I definitely understand not wanting to spoil your fun weekend with bad news. As long as you're not going to be in a hot tub or sauna which I've heard can have a bad effect on fetal growth if you are pregnant.
  • @Poca92 It's very interesting you say that. While I'm not a particular fan of sauna, it's totally normal for pregnant women in Skandinavia to continue visiting the sauna. It's such a cultural difference. Same as Japan and sushi for example. 
  • Poca92- oh Poca, sorry to hear that. Must be a real kick in the teeth when you're desperately trying. 

    Bundaberg or you could go into your weekend with good news... and if it's bad news you can consul yourself with your spa weekend.. Just playing devils adovocate..

    Ive finally downloaded the premom app, ov predicted for next week. Here we go again...
  • Hi everyone back here again. Thought we got lucky the past two cycles but no such luck. It’s just so hard. Think we are going to speak to the doctor this week about our next steps xx
  • Hi Emmastar84, 

    Have you booked an appointment with the doctor? It's hard taking that first step, I haven't yet but I'm close.. Sorry to hear that you thought you had conceived. I really sympathise, this journey is such an emotional roller coaster..

    I finally starting using premom app but not that impressed. Everytime I try to upload a photo of my ov sticks it doesn't work. So I have to put the data in manually which means putting the colour scale in myself and I'm not 100% confident with that.
    So a few days ago my father in law broke his leg and as my mother in law isn't steady on her feet and relays on him she needs help. My partner is going back to,the U.K. tonight for a week at least. I'm in my fertile window and thought that as I wasn't predicted to ovulate until fri or sat we would have to,write off this month. Thankfully I'm going to ov early, I got a strong positive on my stick today and we bd this afternoon. Only one chance but it's still a chance! 
  • *relies
  • Sorry to hear about your father in law @hannah22 - I hope he is on the mend soon. Fingers crossed your ovulating early is lucky for you. I booked an appointment for the 7 Oct with our gp. My husband is coming too so we can start the ball rolling hopefully xx
  • Hi Hannah, 

    When I was breastfeeding my son I do not have me period till Nov 2020 when I first have my period. Then I had missed period or delayed period. When I first had my missed period, I went to my gynae to check even though I had BFN. So I asked him about the drug he mentioned when I was trying to conceive my first.

    When I was trying to conceive my first child (I was 34) and visited him due to missed period (I had a miscarriage earlier that year hence I was afraid so I went to the doctor), he suggested taking Letrozole then but before taking the drug, I found out I was pregnant (I ovulated really late that cycle so after I missed my period, its still BFN till a week later and I found out I was pregnant at the doctors).

    So I went to see my gynae last Sunday. We did a scan and we saw that the follicle is about 25mm and he say that its a good size and because of Letrozole it is bigger than normal and it should rupture in 3 days when it reached 30mm. So we were told to BD and we did. So fingers crossed that it works for me this cycle.

    Where I am at (In Asia) is easy to get private doctors appointment and I don't like to guess what's going on even more so because of my experience when trying to conceive my first I did not hesitate and just went ahead and booked an appointment. I am hoping that I could get pregnant by this year and my husband as well so we went ahead and consult with a gynae.

    Sorry to hear about your father in law and hope he recovers soon. FIngers crossed that you ovulate early this month :smile:

  • Emmastar84- Thank you. Let us know how your appointment goes. Curious to know what the first steps are although they'll probably be a bit different to mine as I live in France. 

    Mileycyoj- You're fortanate to live somewhere it's so easy. It must be reassuring that you know everything is working as it should and exactly the right time to conceive, most accurate method! I've made a note of the Letrozole, worth mentioning to the doctor when we do go! Giving it another two weeks and then I'll know..
    Thank you, unfortantely he can't visit his dad as he's in ICU but at least he's doing well. 
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