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November testers 🤞🏼

I’m going to start this thread in an attempt at moving forward and being positive after my MC 💪🏼

I’m 5 weeks past the D&C now, my HCG levels are back to normal but no sign of OV yet - my LH levels were crazy high a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t HCG tested then and I think it was probably that still. I have no idea where I am in my cycle and I’m desperate to just get back to normal but it’s nice to not be obsessing in the TWW! 

Blood tests next week to check my folate and B12 - hopefully they can pinpoint the issue and that might give me some answers to both the infertility and the MC aswell as constant crazy tiredness!! 🙏🏼 

Wishing you all so much luck for this next month of TTC - BFPs have been quiet lately, we are definitely due some good news in time for Christmas ❤️❤️


  • So sorry to hear about your MC! I’m kinda new here, I was on the forum when I was TTC baby one, fell away from it when the pandemic started, now back hoping to conceive baby #2  Hope to hear lots of BFP this month. Af is in one week for me, no real symptoms, some cramping yesterday and the teeniest drop of blood on underwear today, trying not to read much into it lol . 

    How is everyone ? Is anybody trying to conceive #1#2 or more ?

    best wishes and baby dust to all xx 
  • CD 1 today. Month 16. Tired of trying.
  • Poca92 said:
    CD 1 today. Month 16. Tired of trying.
    Sending hugs. It’s very frustrating x
  • Stay strong @Poca92 ❤️❤️❤️ I know how evil it is!!! We were at over 2 years when I conceived this summer and for that to end in MC was almost unbearable - but I DID get pregnant. It IS possible. Even after that long!! Have you started fertility investigations?? I’ve lost track with where you’re up to?? 

    I’ve now got totally zero idea where I am in my cycle…..
    my dog got lost on Sunday… he was found yesterday but it’s been the most horrific and upsetting 3 days. 
    No sleep, hardly eating, so upsetting and stressful. I couldn’t believe my bad luck that this could happen so soon after the trauma of the MC!!
    But this one was a happy ending!
    I had lost faith in happy endings and thought the worst - that my boy would never be found. But he was ❤️

    Believe in your happy endings guys - stay strong ❤️❤️❤️
  • Hi ladies, hope you don’t mind me hopping in? 

    Back to trying again for #3 after a MC in feb/March and PCOS diagnosis at the same time! 😢

    Just had a 61 day cycle, was convinced I was pregnant but nope here we are on CD10…

    Hoping this cycle ends in a sticky BFP (aren’t we all!) or if not that, at least not as long! 

    How is everyone doing? 

  • Hello @elexox I’m due af on Saturday, starting to get the slight cramps and bloated feeling :( I think I’m out. 

    How are you feeling xx 
  • Hey @Purpledolly0101

    Oh no really, how many DPO are you? When do you plan to test? 

    I’m a little better I’m on a forum now. It helps so much when TTC as it gets so lonely! I love seeing others get their BFPs too 🥰

    I’m giving BBT a shot this cycle as OPKs are no good for me (I have elevated levels of LH all the time thanks to the PCOS so difficult determining a true + OPK). So I’m not even sure when I O or if I even do atm! Literally like punching in the dark really 🙁
  • I’m the same it’s nice to be on the forum, chatting to people on the same journey as you, also lovely to see the bfp!! Keeps the spirits up ! 

    PCOS must be so frustrating, not knowing if your coming or going! I tried opk this month but to be honest I havnt really a clue what I’m doing I was fortunate with my first pregnancy I fell pregnant in the first cycle so I never had to learn about opk or bbt. I m interested in the bbt did you purchase a specific one ? Also I have heard people chat about this pre-seed stuff have you heard about that? 

    I’m 12dpo, although with my daughter I didn’t get bfp till I was actually late I tested this morning and bfn. I feel like my PMS symptoms have changed since I had my daughter so I’m struggling every month thinking that is symptom is new for me but it turns out to be nothing.
  • @Purpledolly0101
    It sure is! It took years to diagnose as well because I don’t “look” like a “PCOS woman” 

    OPK is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. Say you have a 28 day cycle you begin testing LH around CD12, test line has to be darker or as dark as control to read positive and then should go back to neg the day after which is the day you ovulate usually. Ideally test in the afternoon never with FMU and test twice a day when your lines are getting dark or nearing the peak. 😊

    With BBT you gotta take your temp at the same time everyday before you even get out of bed or drink anything. I use premom to log my temps and OPKs and it gives you nice little graphs of what’s going on! I’m not the best at interpreting them yet though! I got my thermometer on Amazon for about £6 I think, it’s gotta be one that reads 2 decimal places though as the shifts can be quite subtle… my temp this morn was 99.84 F (37.68 C) for example which is pretty high compared to normal but I think it’s because I’ve come down with another cold! 🥴

    Interestingly though I’ve got ewcm and a positive LH strip today but I’m taking no notice because I’ve never ovulated on CD13/14 before EVER! Will BD anyway but I’m not convinced 🙄😅

    Fingers are still crossed for you!🤞🏼
  • Oh thanks @elexox I might look into the temperature tracking this month see how I get on, get to bedding down just in case ;) baby dust to you my dear x 
  • Thank you @Purpledolly0101!
    Yeah it’s defo worth a look! There’s plenty of articles & YouTube vids on it 😊 

    My temp came right down again this morn. No idea what’s going on! 🙄🤣 
  • A combi of BBT and OPK will give you a really good picture of where you are 👍🏼👍🏼
    And I got pregnant after BD’ing with Conceive + - same as preseed. Who knows if it helped but it can’t hurt to try right 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I finally got AF yesterday. I’m half happy to know where I am again and for things to go back to normal, but I’m also devastated again. It’s just another reminder that I should have been pregnant right now but I’m not 😫 it’s also really taking it out of me - heavier and more painful than ever and I’m completely exhausted with it 😵‍💫 
    all comes at once….. had my blood tests yesterday so waiting for the results, and also had an appointment booked to go back in for scans with the fertility team on the 16th. Trying to psych myself up for it all again is tough!!! 😣 if my cycle goes back to what it used to be I’ll be potentially testing at the end of November….. but who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
  • @KelB79 sending you hugs, must be so tough x 

    I got af last night 🙄 at least I could indulge in a glass of wine 🍷 
  • Sorry to hear af got you both! 🙁  

  • Well on the bright side we get to try again this month lol it’s dissap But trying to stay positive,

    hows things with you both? 
  • @Purpledolly0101
    Yeah that’s the way I see it! I get like a couple days of disappointment then I’m like right here we go again! 

    Not too bad thanks, CD18. Keep getting fertile CM/CP but my body does that a lot throughout my cycle. So it’s hard to gauge, OPKs are either always positive or just about negative (not a good sign). BBT not really showing much atm but will carry on! I believe I’m looking for a drop, followed by a spike and then staying elevated for at least 3 days after spike to confirm ov… We are BDing every other/every 2 days just in case 🤞🏼 

    How is everyone else? Xx
  • Right….. I’m back on the bandwagon!!
    I had a really low couple of days around AF, it just brought the MC right back to the fore. Worst period ever, painful, heavy and exhausting - it totally depleted me!!
    But I’m starting to feel better and ready to tackle TTC again 
    OH is fully on board with everything - he was so hurt by the MC and realised just how much he wants this. So that’s one good thing to come of it all! He was a nightmare before!! He’s also very happy about BD’ing being totally back on the cards 🤣🤣 I’ve been a bit weird about it but I’m getting there 👍🏼 

    CD6…. OPK testing, scan with fertility team next week, onwards and hopefully upwards 💪🏼💪🏼 

    BIG LOVE to all of you!! ❤️❤️❤️
    TTC is truly shit!! But we’ve got this! 💪🏼
  • Sorry to hear @KelB79, first few afs after my mc’s were really triggering too 🙁

    Good to hear you and OH are feeling ready to go again 🙂

    Fingers crossed for us all this month! 😁🤞🏼

  • Hello everyone.

    How are we all doing?

    I'm on CD21 now. My cycle was 27 days last month. I had some odd pains in my left side a couple nights ago, and some mild cramping and nausea Lastnight. Not getting my hopes up like I did last month, I was googling everything! Xxx
  • Hey @MrsSpiller2021

    Not too bad over here, how are you? 
    I’m just behind you on CD21 today, although think I’m having another anov cycle, temps are all over the place! 🙄
    27 day cycle wow! 😍
    Fingers crossed these are early symptoms for you! 🤞🏼

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