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Scared now

So blinding BFP on frer yesterday (3rd wee of the morning) after faint lines sat, sun did my last frer today Wednesday with FMU and its looks a little fainter. I'm so worried 😟  could this indicate MC? I'm showing lines but just shadows on cheapie strip tests and I had a negative clear blue weeks indicator on Monday. I am going for a scan today so I guess I'll find out then but I'm so worried right now. My nipples are even more sore today and I feel really sick. No pain, no bleeding. I held my wee all night and didn't have anything to drink but I did drink a lot of water before I went to bed about 3 pints over 3 hours 


  • Like to add Dr's think I may be between 5-7 weeks. Withdrawal bleed 12th sept
  • Oh Hun! Everyone’s body is different but they’re all really really good at messing with our heads!! You can read so much into everything!! It’s epic that you’ve got a scan today, you’ll get all the answers you need 😁
    Really hoping everything is perfect for you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I’m so sure it will be ❤️❤️❤️
  • Thanks I think I just panicked a little, I've looked again a while ago probably 15 mins later and i think it looks the same as the line yesterday I'll attach the piccy. my appointment is soon 1.30, my partner believes the lines but will not believe without a doubt until I've gone to the hospital today. I'm still a little concerned as I not showing lines on cheap strip tests there's something like a shadow line but nothing to say positive 

  • I’d say they looked pretty similar! But I understand the worry, I hope your scan went well! X
  • Yeah they were the same I didn't wait 36-48 hours for them to change it was the day after. I did it only because I was going hospital and didn't want to waste their time. Did a digi today said 1-2 so hcg has increased as it said not pregnant on Monday 🤞
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