FAO Rocky Kiz and Mafia Princess.

Hi girls

No real point to my post, just wanted to see how you both are, and how the ttc is going, cos I miss you both.

So I'm 16 weeks now, have another consultant appointment next week (just routine cos of the molar). I still have my moments of anxiety but slowly slowly I am relaxing into this pregnancy. Although I still have to admit to myself that there will be (touch wood) a baby in my house come November!!!



  • hey m+s! aw bless, thats so lovely! omg! 16 wks! thats amazing! yay! will you find out the sex at the 20wk scan?

    I recently finished those tablets and am now cd8 and have started poas with my cbfm, the next couple of days will show if they've helped as i had been getting highs from cd10 and lasting for 12-14 daqys! unnormal for me as normally get them about cd16/17 for 2-3 days b4 a peak! SO have my fingers crossed! however, i still get these pains in my womb type area and going to be phoning my GP again next week about them! xxx
  • Sorry can I g/c cause I miss you both too!!

    M&S I know I talk to you over in pg but I cant belive how far you are!!!

    Rocky & MP I miss you both too.

    Rocky sounds good hun I hope they've helped & we hear your BFP announcement. Hope the doc can help about the pains, has she any idea what they might be???

    Hi MP how's you today? xxx
  • aw, wouldn't it be nice if we all lived closer to one another! lol, course you can gate crash Laujai! im thrilled in a way don't like the idea of being left over here! i was actually thinking yesterday about MP as i haven't 'seen' her for a while... but then i'm still on a cut back from here just til i get my peaks out the way this month then i'm back in the game full swing! i don't think so, they ruled out the pcos but think they were concentrating on the bleeding 1st so they can rule out that they're not linked and just cramping pains... they're def not though, i've been quite sore recently. i'm going to ask about endo... i can't find a lot about it but tiredness is supposed to be a symptom and i am always tired and very noticeable too, no matter how much or little i sleep or if i exercise or not! xxx
  • Spoke to MP yesterday. Would love you both get your BFP this cycle weve all been through so much together seems only right we should share this too.

    Have they checked your thyroid function???

    Think the tiredness with endo is lack of iron if your bleeding irregular & hormonal. Symptoms can vary so much it cant really be diagnosed without having a lap or hysteroscopy. Endo can be very painful I got to the point once were I couldnt even walk or go to the toilet without being in pain!!

  • Hello! how lovely to have a FAO with Rocky!

    I love that you're 16 weeks M&S and that Laura you must be 10?? You both had a really hard time so I'm so pleased for you both and I love hearing really postive stories. I am going to stalk you both throughout your pregnancies (in a non creepy way!)

    I'm 7 dpo so in the dreaded 1ww. I'm so glad you both are over in pregnancy, I really want me and Rocky to get over there with you both!

    I don't come on as often as I did, though i'm sure that will all change once I get this BFP! I don't really know many people over here now.

    Rocky, how are you getting on with your cbfm? I love mine!

    Going to a christening tomorrow which i'm dreading as there are 2 girls going both due around the same time as me and they love letting people know it only took them 2 weeks to get pregnant! I think i'm going to just say "good you you!" Like there's abloody skill in it!x x
  • i think i can safely say we'd both love to be joining you! no i don't think they have but i want to ask them about that too cus i'm really struggling to put the weight back on that i lost after the mc, and i eat like a pig! lol

    hey MP! i know what you mean about coming on here, i'm the same. i love my cbfm, it got me my bfp 1st time round, cd10 today and i got a low! yay, thats a v good start as the last 2-3 cycles i've had highs so yay! just gotta hope this continues for a few more days yet and that i get no bleeding, thinkin about it i better order some more pee sticks! lol, good luck tomorrow, i'm sure i would find it hard work. xxx
  • I'm afraid I am also gatecrashing to say hi and I miss you guys too! Although ttc after mc is bloody hard and it made me sad that all my optimism was replaced by obsession while we were trying, there is also comeraderie in sharing all of these hopes and personal struggles.

    I loved those monthly update posts and they always made me feel so much better.

    Rocky I hope this is a really good cycle and MP good luck for the 1ww, fingers crossed there is some good news winging its way to you both.
  • I haven't been on in a while I've been so frustrated that it's taking so long after the mc image
    So happy to read m+s and Laura's good news though!!

    Good luck everyone else!
  • I'm crashing too. it's like a little reunion of our old gossip posts - I would never have got through last year without them! I really hope rocky, MP and seraphina you get to join us soon.
    Good luck with this months bd'ing/testing image
  • Hi girls - I posted this thread foolishly forgetting we were away for the weekend so have only just caught up on the chat!

    Rocky I hope you find out soon what is going on. It can be so frustrating when you feel ill but have no idea what is wrong - it must be doubly frustrating to think that whatever the problem is might be tinkering with the ttc.

    Mafia I hope the Christening isn't too hideous - it's not nice to have other ladies parading their pregnancies in front of you when you have lost a baby.

    Seraphina hun I remember that frustration so well. All you want is to know WHEN you will fall, and time just seems to drag. Hang on in there my love.XX

    Rocky Mafia and Serephina I am now sending you all my baby making vibes and big big BIG kisses.
  • aw wow! love you guys! what can i say? you're all fantastic and a huge support! big X's for all of you. MP how's the 1ww going? any naughty testing and lots of ss'ing? lol xx
  • Oh how lovely seeing all the graduates! Me, rocky and Seraphina WILL be joining you soon!!

    Rocky, I always have tender boobs drom 9dpo and feel a bit sick and no different this month so not holding out much hope! Not actually temped to test which is a bit odd, I think it's because I just know what it's going to say. I've set up a little business making plaques, keepsake boxes and photo frames so keeping busy!

    How are you getting on? Where abouts are you? Have you hit the peak yet?

    How are you Seraphine? I think sometimes a little break from here can do you good as long as you always come back! Totally understand your frustration, lets keep each other sane!

    I always have a peek on other forums to see how our gradulates are doing as you all give me soo much hope x
  • P.S the christening was OK. It din't actually affect me seeing the heavily pregnant women. When one of them said in front of everyone "so are there any babies in the pipeline (oh the irony!) for you" I said NO quite firmly and she and her husband persisted "but there must be!" I did say "why should there be?" My MIL cam up trumps and swiftly changed the subject and later on just touched my arm and told me she just wanted me to be happy which I thought was lovely x
  • Can I please g/c as I really miss you lovely ladies :cry: I feel like a fraud if I post in here but I do keep lurking to try and see if you're about.

    Likie Lottie+Neve+blue bump I used to love our monthly posts where we'd chat about everything not just our cycles, I felt like I really got to be freinds with you and now I feel like a cow if I post cos I know how damn hard it is when there are pg people around you. Sorry for the babbling, I think the hormones have gone in to overdrive but I wanted to explain why I've not joined the post earlier.

    Bless your MIL MP, she really did come up trumps seeing as she made comments before that upset you. Good luck with the new buisness sweetie :\)

  • hey MP, liking the PMA! i have 2 say some months i don't get the urge to test and i like those cus they're the ones where i havent constantly thought about it! not yet, cd14 today and get a peak anywhere from 17-20. Thats sweet of your MIL though hun, from what i remember you've had a bit of trouble with her... lol. glad the christening was ok though. i don't know what it is about people and baby talk, they were chatting in the office today about a scan someones relative had had and then another lady was saying about her relative that had just had twins after ivf and that she's had lots of mc's but then continued to talk about how the ivf worked and she didn't mc but had always had mc's?! this continued but i had to leave, it's the first time i've cried about the mmc in a while! image

    Anywho, rainbow pls shush! lol, don't be silly, as i say i am always happy for people that have been through what we all have in here, its just the 1st timers that it all goes wiftly for that i struggle with, being 25 the people i know getting pg are trying for their 1st. xxx
  • I know you're always happy my lovely, but I also know how hard it can be too. Those ladies in your office don't sound very sensitive, people just don't think sometimes do they? I hope you're feeling a little better now hun, sound slike you're going to be having fun over the next few days ;\)

  • Hello lovelie ladies

    Ohhh well everyone has said everything I want to say LOL, I might just repeat haha.

    I too like this catch up thread reminds of the old gossip threads they were such a laugh sometimes wernt they.

    Also MP was gona say how lovely of you mil after how she has behaved in the past & good for you for speaking firmly.

    Rocky so your getting ready for plenty of bd'ing then does that mean we wont see you over the wkend LOL!! Just shows how vulnerable we are after a mc./mmc and you never completley get over it, I still think about our babies, I like to think of them being looked after by 3 of my grandparents that have passed.

    Hello everyone else hope all are well.

    I had my 1st mw appt today it was so exciting, I have to be under consultant care so I will see my consultant in a wks time then have 12wk scan in 2 wks time, mw have dated me 11+2 today & edd 23nov but will be confirmed in 2wks time at scan. So excited but still a bit nervous, I just cant wait to have this scan & see baby agin then I think i'll relax a little more (I hoping)!!!

    Super Sticky Babydust to everyone & love & hugs xxx

    Seraphine I was thinking we hadnt seen you for a while, hope you are well all things considered.
  • hey all, MP what cd are you on? Laujai i've caught up with you over in LTTTC as well but i hope your appointment goes well and is reassuring for you!

    Rainbow, they don't know about my mmc as i've recently moved offices which is hard but hey ho. how are you getting on hun? xx
  • Oh OK then, in that case I take back my comments about them being insensitive! How are you feeling now sweetie? How are your cycles going?

    I'm doing well, feel sick all the time but I really don't mind :\) I had an early scan on Thursday which showed everything was fine so a huge relief!

  • lol, PMA is ebbing away this cycle, still no peak! and CD 20 today (i think) touch wood though i haven't had any spotting/bleeding, but not really going to know if those tablets have helped until i see that darned peak! i'm also doing CBD OPK's in the eve's and no image tonight so guess it's another high tomorrow!

    Great news about the scan! Sod the feeling sick as long as everything's good! xx
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