First AF after miscarriage?? UPDATED!!!!

Hi Ladies
Just hoping some of you wouldnt mind letting me know what your first af was like. i am currently having stomach cramps and had a little brown spotting yesterday and blood when i wipe sorry if tmi! i used to be quite heavy!! Im just wondering if this is af.Its been 8 weeks since natural miscarriage where i bled heavily so wondering if this is normal??? and can i class it as cd1 or does it need to be heavier ?? Sorry so many questions but just soooo confused and desperately want it to be af so that i can work out cycle. Thanks for reading


Ok girls i am now so confused and upset as i dont know whats happening to me and have really had enough. I was so pleased in a way that i thought AF arrived on sat morn as i had brown discharge and small amount of pink spotting, cramps and sharp pain in my side and yesterday tiny amount of pinky CM when i wipe sorry if tmi and today hardly anything .i just thought i could finally start sorting my cycle out and ttc. What is going on??? I wish af would just come full force if its going to cos i cant work out what this is!!! Someone suggested that it could be implantation bleeding?? What do you think?? And if this is the case how soon can i test??? Please help just getting down about it all now :cry:

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  • I've just started my first af after mc and OH MY GOD I'm in agony!!!!

    The cramps started yesterday lunch time but nothing appeared till the evening and then i have been in agony with the cramps since, i've never had them so bad.
    Mine started very light first when i wiped but then it cam full flow over night so i've counted cd1 as today.

    I hope your cramps aren't as bad as mine are xx
  • Hi Leanne, my 1st period after my ERPC was ok really, bit heavier thank normal and lasted a bit longer, did have some cramping, but nothing major. Perhaps because you bled heavily after your m/c, you first proper AF might take a bit more time to come? Take care. Zoe xx
  • leanne, i too had a weird af after m/c. I had a d&c on 9th april and was told to expect af 4-6 weeks after.
    I started spotting pink and brown blood and when i wiped last sunday (2 weeks after d&c) and had a day of light bleeding. After that - nothing. My periods too were heavy and lasted a week prior to m/c but my mom said since i bleed a lot and had a d&c that maybe there isn't a lot to bleed and it will come later ???
    As for testing for implantation (thats what i was hoping mine was image), i'm going to take the day of the bleed at cd1 and test as i would have done if it were a normal af.
    Good luck!x
  • hi glad to know its not just me then!! i m/c in march had what i thought was my 1st af in april 4 weeks after but it was brown and very light but lasted 6 days, i was also normally heavy anyway i think this is af 1 had period pains like i used to have and its a normal red cycle (sorry) so fingers crossed cos i rally want to be pregnant again too!! good luck to you all xxx
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