About to start trying! Anyone else in the same position?

Hello girls! I'm new to this...was wondering if anyone else is about to start trying and how it's been going?

L :\)


  • Hi, we are going to start ttc May/June time so only about another month and a bit to go! Welcome to the forum!!

  • Hey Mrs G!
    Thanks for replying. Exciting - not long to go until you start. I'm trying to be healthy and reduce alcohol etc, we'll see!
    Lizzie x x x
  • Haha, me too. I have been trying to cut down on the caffeine which is soooo difficult first thing in the morning! I never realised how much that morning cuppa wakes me up. Have also cut down the alcohol (I rarely drink anyway but haven't had a drink for about 3 weeks now).
    Also am trying to get a decent amount of sleep and not stress about things. Oh, and taking my folic acid!!
  • Very impressed! Especially about the no drink in three weeks! I don't drink a lot either but am partial to a glass of wine (or two at weekends)! Yes, more sleep sounds like a plan, it's so easy to take for granted, isn't it?

    I think I need to cut down on caffeine too - oh dear, the list is endless! Have been taking the pregnacare supplement for as few months, really helped my hair and nails!

    I just want to get started ttc - am so impatient. I'm hoping we'll start in next week or two but it's depending on one or two factors.

    I dreamt I was breastfeeding the other night - how things change. A couple of years ago babies were the last thing on my mind!

    Good luck :\) x
  • Good luck to you too!

  • Thanks Mrs G - keep in touch.;\)
  • Hi girls were starting trying in may/June too, I have bought pregnacare and it says start taking it when your actually ttc. Should I start now anyway?
  • Hey XMIssyX - based on my (limited) knowledge I'd say start taking pregnacare now. I wish I'd started earlier!
    Hey Keri-Anne - how cute is your little girl?!
    No, my last name is not Pink - that's so cool that yours is though - am v jealous!!! That's good that you're trying soon for no 2 - I wonder if we'll all be pregnant around the same time...I really just want to start now! xx
  • Thanks lizziepink I think I will there's no harm! Still waiting for af after coming off pill on 25th feb! So annoying!! Did any of yours take long to come back? X
  • hi and welcome. we were going to start trying towards the end of this year but I came off the pill last november to get cycles sorted. after a discussion on good friday we started trying from that day! x
  • ...i moved over a couple of weeks ago...come join me!!!
    i have been taking folic acid for about a month and drink alot of caffine free tea and diet coke its not the same but does the trick xxxx
  • Good luck ladies image I hope I will move over to TTC soon CatNKitten! Good luck, sending you lots of baby dust! Hope AF appears soon XMissyX, it's hard to be patient isn't it?

    Good luck So Excited! Will keep fingers crossed for you!

    I'm still waiting to find out when we can start - potentially next week or the week after. In the meantime I'm exercising every day - put on some weight after my wedding :\(

    Keep in touch,

    Lizzie X
  • Hi everyone!!!

    We are going to be starting ttc in bout four weeks, soooo excited, been broody for what feels like forever. I have been taking sanatogen to be pills and hubby has been taking father to be ones since feb. trying to eat more healthily and been looking into preseed etc for when the bd starts. Fingers crossed for us all
  • Hi Ladies

    I am hoping to TTC from July. I haven't been mentioning it to my husband recently as I don't want him to feel pressurised, but he surprised me the other day by bringing up the topic and suggested that I buy some OV sticks and try them now so I can understand my cycle and OV time in advance instead of wasting the first few months using the wrong timing. My OV sticks came yesterday and I have started using this week as I think I should OV this week.

    How exciting.

  • Welcome to the site LizziePink!! I am finishing my pill on 29th April. Not long now. My OH counted how many pills I had left in my packet...17 and counting down. Exciting and nervous but more excited!! xx



  • Hello ladies! Thanks for your messages - was good to read them.
    That's exciting that you are trying soon! I hope 2010 is a good year for all of us!

    Not long now Shoegal82 - I bet you can't wait! I'm no further forward but we should be in a position to start in next few weeks - bring it on!!!

    Good luck Sevans and Wispa - keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Lizzie xx xx
  • Lizziepink - Well it is a week tomorrow when i finish my pill for the last time. I am really excited!! xx



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