Anyone ttc in Aug?

Hi girls. Is anyone planning on ttc in Aug? My dd wasn't planned but was thinkinh it would be nice to have a ttc buddy. Any offers?? X


  • hi yup were planning ttc july/august.
    We have a nearly 16 month old son already and were just waiting a few more months so we dont have all the birthdays around the same time!
    (ds was born the week before oh birthday, 5 weeks early!)
  • That's so strsnge we had our dd 5 weeks early! She is almost one so we will hopefully have a slightly smaller age gap x
  • Its taken me awhile to get over my birth from last time image
    How was your dd for being early?
    Whereabouts in the UK are you?
  • She spent 4 nights in scbu and was discharged at 1 week old. She's fine now apart from being underweight for her age. Its really my fault that she was early- I got pre eclampsia so was induced. We are in Lancashire what about you? X
  • Hey, I'm new to all this but we were thinking of trying in August so it'll be really nice to have people to go through it all with :\) This will be our first. x
  • hey, im trying july/august, wud be nice to have a preggo buddy to hopefully share everything with
  • Glad I'm not on my own! Is anyone planning on taking folic acid?
  • I was planning on shoveling some kind of pregnancy tablets down! Something like Pregnacare to get folic acid + vitamins. Hubby says he wants to take zinc to help his swimmers!

    Not sure whether to just stop using contraception and see how it goes, or to properly try or go mental and use charts, temp, OPKs etc! I'm just worried it's going to take ages! But then the other part of me thinks that if we stress too much it won't happen. Aargh! There seems to be a lot to think about before you even get preggers!
  • hello again lol, well i have to have iron and mulitvitamins every day which has folic acid in it but on 200mcg, so im already takin it, but i think i need to take more to get the 400mcg ur meant to have a day.
  • Ooh didn't know that trying4number1. How far in advance do we need to be taking folic acid?
  • hey, i think they recommend 3 months before you start trying, I took sanatogen last time just cos id seen it advertised in the magazine image
    Josh was a whopping 7lb at 5 weeks early, he was with me for about 12 hrs after his birth but then they took him to scbu as he was making this wheezing sound but he was back with me a few hours later and is now completely fine.

    Mrs Hobbes I wouldnt worry about doing all the extra stuff, we never did, i just came off the pill about 3 months before we started trying to regulate my cycles and then it took us 2 months to get pregnant, like you say the most important thing is not to stress about it too much and just enjoy the babymaking!!

    Lydiasmummy were in london but just about to move to be nearer family in chelmsford, essex.
  • mrs hobbes if ur takin mulitvits u will already be gettin folic acid in u now, yes they say about 3 months before u start trying but then some people dont start taking it till they know they are pregnant, just depends on urself really xx
  • hiya, can i join please?!
    me and my h2b are hoping to start ttc at the end of auguat straight after our wedding, exciting!
    will be nice to hear how other people are getting on too x x
  • Hi babyscoobs. Congrats on the wedding. I got married in Dec last year. We set the date and 2 weeks later found out I was pregnant with our dd. All worked out well as she was born last March and was on maternity leave right up to the wedding! X
  • Hiya, we're planning on starting ttc no 2 this summer. Was going to wait till the end of the year but getting v broody already! Our lo was born in Jan 09 and it would be great to give him a little brother or sister. x
  • think we should name this tread, people who r trying conceive in july/august join here lol xxxx

    be good as we can all support each other x
  • Hi trying4number1 I think that's a fab idea. We ve decided to start trying from July so that our daughter will be at least 2. X I ll start a new thread for all of us who are planning on ttc in July/Aug! X
  • Thanks Jessica and Lydia'smummy :\) I think we will just relax about it and see what happens. Might start on the vits now though, can't hurt eh? We got married end of January and so some days we're not in a rush to get TTC, but then others we're/I'm so broody I could cry.

    AF was 4 days late this month and even though we haven't been trying, I got my hopes up as I had no usual signs of AF, an odd pulling sensation, really bad lower back and hip pain and I was so bloated. Sounds silly but I was gutted when I came on :\( x
  • Hello ladies! May I join you too pls? I think we might start ttc again in july/august? We have been trying since jan until well today really (AF arrived today) and have now decided to stop until summer as we have so much going on (relocation, job change) etc and being pg just won't be ideal, although it is hard to know whatever I'd fall pg anyway,,What I really worry about is that it might take a long time. Even just trying for few months this time has proven so emotional. Every time you get bfn or AF shows up it is so self destroying. Mrs Hobbes I can really relate to your feelings..

    I have been taking folic acid and sanatogen mum to be and will continue doing so I guess.
    My only thing is july/august seems sooo far away. We got married last september so that will be so close to a year, feels ages away..
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