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My Twins have arrived!!!!

Hello all

Thought i would let you know that my girls have arrived 33+4 weeks. We have named them Stevie and Ashlea.

They are both on SCBU at the moment but are doing really well, spent first couple of days in incubator and then got Jaundice so had to have phototherapy but they are in cot together now, just trying to estblish feeding.

NOw for the birth story, waters broke on 8 July at 4.30am said to OH "think waters have broke he was like WHAT and went back to sleep, typical!! contractions started at 5.30 got to hospital at 6.10 and twin one stevie arrived at 6.43 and Ashlea arrived 8 minutes later at 6.51, normal delivery with just gas and air how proud am I!!

Anyway signing off for now have to express some more (god it is hard work like trying to get blood from a stone!!).

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