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Triple buggy

Hi just wondered if any of you multiple mummies have bought a triple buggy? Im gonna have 17 month old twins and a new baby and wondered if it was worth buying a triple buggy. any ideas would be appreciated. hope your all good xxDBxx


  • Hi, I have 2 yr old twins and my daughter is nearly 3 months old, I was going to get a triple buggy until I saw how heavy they are then I would have also had the weight of 2 toddlers on top of that so I always put the twins in the double buggy and Rubi-Mai in the baby sling, its a bit wakward at first but you get used to it and I can still get on buses and around shops as normal which I wouldn't have been able to do with a triple buggy.
  • Hey thanks fot your reply. How did you find carrying Rubi-Mai (love the name) in a sling when it was raining? and do you have any life saving tips xx thanks
  • Kiddicare have a seat add on that you can put on a double buggy (assuming you have one for your twins already? it can fold up if one of your twins are walking instead. Looks quite handy!
  • I've seen in the shops a rain cover/ buggy snuggle thing for your sling. It is meant to be water proof and wind resistant. The ones I seen were made by jolly jumper brand. (Sorry to gatecrash). But I use my sling tons and was looking for an alternative to the blanket, which always falls off. These have long bungee ties with poppers to clip the snuugly bag in place aroung the lo in the sling and then have a raincover type hood, that zips. best luck xx
  • abeasley, thanks for that I will have a look out. What sling have you got at the moment? I quite fancy a karri-me but really not sure x
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