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both of us are twins whats the chances of ...

everybody me and my hubbie are twins im identical and he is non identical. i am just wondering whats the odds of us concieveing twins. i tink identical skip a generation but does non identical

id love twins


  • Sorry Im not really going to answer your question, however I am expecting twins and there is twins on both sides of our families in the grandparent era.

    Just thought I'd share my story with you. x
  • Hey

    Sorry but unless you have ivf/clomid etc your chances of having twins are the same as the rest of the population. Identical twins are not heriditary and and there is no know cause for them although there are theorys. As for non-id twins it is caused by hyper ovulation in the female which can be passed down thru the maternal side. ie if you were a non-identical twin then you would have a slightly greater chance of having twins as you might ovulate two eggs each cycle. Hyper ovulation is more prevelant if you are overweight, over 35 and tall so dont know if any of these fit you?

    Have read studies that say drinking loads of milk increases chance of id twins and i do drink loads and have id twins however also went on rollercoasters in the early days of being pregnant so that may have shook them up!lol

    Are you ttc or preggers either way good luck xx

  • Wow thats really interesting to read doublebubble, I knew none of this...
    We 99% certain our's are non id, so that leave this hyper ov thing, however I am not overweight, tall or over 35, lol. x
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