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stupid/rude twin comments

Hi girls saw one of these groups on FB so thought i would try it on here.

So whats the most stupid or rude statement or question a stranger (or someone you know) has said/asked???

Well i will kick it off with:

In tesco one day and a man came up to me and the girls and said ooooooooo are they twins? so i said oh no (he he) he said oh really whats the age gap i couldnt help but laugh and say sorry no they are twins there is 8 minutes between them doh!! He then asked so are they DIY i was confused and asked what he meant and he said you know DIY, when i clicked and realised he meant IVF i was very offended and said so and politely told him not that it was any of his business but they were natural!!!

i also quite often get the oh you have your hands full!! no [email protected] sherlock!! dont you have a TV!! what a shame you didnt have a boy!!! the bloody cheek (i have 3 girls)!!

So come on girls fire away xx


  • I got the "are they IVF?" question from some stupid new woman at work on her 2nd day induction. I was so shocked I didn't have chance to come up with a cheeky answer so just said no. Not that it would've mattered it they were but why did she need to know anyway? I'm sure there are more comments to come when they actually arrive so will be more prepared with my answers next time!!!

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  • My twins are 3half now and my daughter is 16 months so I always get ooh you've got your hands full! One bloke asked me what sex they were even though Jack was dressed in obvious boys clothes and Lillie had a pink dress on!
  • i also get are they natural and was they planned,i also get are they identical :lol: as there are only 11wks old i guess i will get plenty more comments

  • Sorry to crash in on here again but couldn't resist this thread - my mum said that when she had my sister and I, people used to follow her around the supermarket openly staring at us (it was 30 years ago!) which used to drive her crazy.

    Also my sister sadly lost one of her twins at 11 weeks pregnant, she bumped into an aquaintance who said "are you sad you lost one of them?" WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!! Saw her recently and she asked my sister if she was planning anymore and then said "I bet you don't want twins this time!" How I didn't thump her I will never know!

    I know some people don't get it but I love seeing people with twins, am very envious of you ladies!

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  • I've only had a few comments but the best 3 are....

    a) the Dr in the maternity unit asked I'd used fertility drugs (I'm only 23 and no history of twins so low chances I suppose) but she asked THREE times like maybe I'd forgotten that course of IVF....

    b) I was chatting to one of the mums at school about how there is a higher risk of mc with twins and she said "oh well,at least you'd have one left if something happened to one" WHAT?????

    c) my neighbour when I showed her the scan (I have 2 kids already) "Oh dear,don't you wish you'd stuck at 3?" Well,what shall I do? Send one back? Like I planned twins lol

    K 20+3 xx
  • :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Really glad i put this on here now there are some really funny ones. Marsha you do make me laugh hard i can imagine you out shopping with a sign saying "YES THEY ARE NON ID TWIN GIRLS" having said that have though about doing the same lol.

    Anyway keep them coming ladies i need a good laugh to get me through the day xx
  • oh yea i also get ppl stopping me when iam shopping to ask me questions about them,not used to all the attention.forgot abot when i was pregnant,i had to have a scan at 7wks due to bleeding thats when i found out it was twins,took the scan in to work and the cleaner (she is a lovely woman) but she said oh you do know that one could die and fuse back in to your plencenta,i thought WTF!
    omg spittingfairy thats disgracefull with the mum at school

  • Mine are the same ladies... Girls are only 8wk but...

    Mainly the...'Are they girls?'....when Dressed head to toe in PINK!! Or refering to one of them as a 'He'.

    What i find quite shocking though is when my girls are wrapped up in the pram, with the hood up and in the body/foot-muff, where you can barely see them, people come upto the pram and peel them back or move the hood back with out a word to me to peer in! Its shocking how many times this has happened! Complete strangers almost attacking the pram to get a look in!

    Em x

  • i must be lucky living where i live everyone well most people know me and my story. But i do get the your hands full comment as i have a 18 1/2 mth old too the boys are 27 weeks.
  • Tell you one thing i do hate tho when we have to go to inverness to hospital everyone looks at you like your a freak or something for having two babies and its as if they are allowed to look into your buggy, that does bug me.
  • Yep, I get all of those.
    "you've got your hand full" - if I had a penny for every time I've heard that I wouldn't need to go back to work!!
    "You won't be dressing them the same will you?" Well yes I might, depends what's clean!
    "are they natural?". Yes, the old IVF question. I do think it's rude when people ask that. They're not IVF, but I don't see what business it is of anyones. Hey ho.

    Mainly though, I get people stopping me to say how sweet the girls are. Which of course I don't mind. Makes it a bit tricky to get anywhere, but you do have some nice conversations with some people. A really sweet old lady stopped me in Sains just recently. She was a twin & apparently just lost her sister a few weeks ago. She was lovely bless her - I don't mind being stopped for that.

  • I used to get

    ' ohh are they twins'

    Me 'yes'

    'ohh one of each' even tho they are identical and dressed as boys

    Me 'No id boys

    'ohh what a shame, bet you want a girl'

    its got worse since i had no 3 who was a boy

    'ohh what a shame another boy' ummm WTF.

    must admit its the hands full one that pisses me of the most now, just coxz they found 1 hard work doesnt mean i find 3 hard work (no offence image )

  • Well after reading thos post I had to post. I do not have twins myself but my oh is a twin so I get the fricking idea of what goes on.

    Oh yeah and the person that had the little girls in pink and someone was saying they were boys, I had that with my little girl too and it cheesed me off no end.

    I just wanted to say just wait until they grow up and see if there girldfriends or boyfriends get these rude comments, I used to get people asking me if I was doing them both or if they ever swap or if I was attracted to one why not the other like they were the same fricking person. People still think if they tell one something they have somehow told them both. Then they get shat off when my oh doesn't turn up somewhere because they told his brother about it. All I want to do is say hello two different people who live in different houses and have different lives. As far as attraction goes its the same thing even though my partner is an identical twin and his brother is a big part of our lives as they have that close twin relationship but honestly if I had a romantic relationship with his brother it would last all of 10 seconds before we killed each other. We are not that compatable on a romantic basis. I would like to say we are good friends but both are totally interested in different types of people in that way. My partner though I love to the tiny little bits. I even love him when he is being a typical annoying man.

    Oh and I love how because he is a twin people think I will have twins. I have a hard enough time getting pregnant with one as far as a twin pregnancy. That runs through the women, my daughter has a chance of it when she grows up not me. Personally I think you are all very lucky and probably busy but atleast you have healthy happy babies and ignore all those stupid comments. If my daughter does have twins I hope she wont feel like her hands are full as I will be in the wings ready to help her out and I bet you have special people in your life that help you too.
  • i am pregnant with twins and i have a 7 month old lil girl but people make me feel as if i choose to have twins and tell me how much hard work its goin to be, and they say it as if i could send one of them back!!!!
  • i don't know how you do it ladies. i am in awe of you all. ive not got twins, but a 3 yr old girl and an 8 month old boy and thats hard enough! i hate it when ppl make comments about my two so i can only imagine how bored you must get with everyone asking! keep up the good work ladies. this thread has really cheered me up!
  • One of those annoying comments being (and im sure all mums get this) are they good?? No, they're a f**king nightmare. they drive me crazy all f**king day. i would like nothing more than to leave them in your supermarket go home and get some sleep! Of course theyre good. theyre mine!

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  • Hi. We were expecting twins and lost one at 24 weeks to Twin to Twin Transufusion Syndrome. Deliver remaining twin in 7 weeks hopefully. However, when our neighbour heard what had happended she said ' Oh, well one is much better anyway' - I was gobsmacked - why is one much better?
  • [email protected] georgette i would love to say that

  • I do not have twins myself but Wine lover thats terrible I can't believe someone said that to you. I am so sorry you lost one of your babies and I know having the other one although joyful will not stop the grief for the baby you have lost. Best of luck for 7 weeks time.
  • Sorry to gate crash but i am a twin myself and when we were little people used to comment all the time to my mum about twins as we lived in a small community and they had "never seen twins before" WTF we are just like other children just there was 2 of us we didnt look like aliens or anything thats how peopl used to make my mam feel. We were always known as the "twins" aswell. I have 3 children and my youngest 2 are only 10 months apart ds1 is 19 months and ds2 is 9 months and because i have them in a double buggy people assume thet are twins and think they have the right to just look in and comment and you can clearly see there is a big difference in them especially size, people can be so stupid and hurtful and rude i feel like telling them all to get lost.
    vikki xx
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