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didnt think i'd be here

hi ladies never thought i would get the chance to be in this forum as twins dont run in the family at all but i had my 12 week scan today firstly i only thought i was 11+2 but im 12+2 so a week further than i thought and secondly the obvious reason im here im carryiing twins, very shocked, and hasnt quite sunk in yet very excited tho


  • Huge congratulations... I found myself posting virtually the same message a year ago... Are they in 1 sac? Looks like they are from the scan photo...

    Good luck and get lots of sleep while you can...

    Sara (mum to a 2 year old boy and 5 month old non id boys)
  • no they in seperate sacs so they tell me, my due date if i was having 1 would be 2nd nov but i know i will be earlier than that as long as they dont come on 8th october as that my sons 2nd birthday
  • Congratulations hun and welcome, i too was in the same position twins dont run in my family either!!

    Like i say to all new twin mums to be 1. your blessed and 2. the girls on here are fab and someone will answer any of the queries you have xx
  • congratultaions,its the best news ever isnt it? i found out i was having twins at 7wks so i had a bit more time to get used to it,ive had a boy and a girl and there 16wks old now and they were 9wks early,also like you ive got a little boy whos just turned 2,so your gonna hear lots of "your gonna have your hands full now! " and there gonna be sooooooooo right :lol: twins run both on our sides but we always said it will never happen to us and we were so wrong :lol: heres to a healthy 8months

  • Hi and congrats.

    I found out at the 12 week scan that it was twins but i had a inkling as i was so big.

    it really is a fabulous journey, get in touch with your local twin club they are a wealth of information

    take care

  • hi hun, saw your post in pregnancy! Congrats on the twins....

    Twins only run on my Dad's side NOT my mum's, so I believe if there are twins anywhere in your family you have a chance of having them too! Identical twins are just luck though.

    They have to start somewhere.... so if there are none way way back in your family tree, they are starting with you! :lol:

    I have quite a lot of twin mummy to be friends on FB so would you be interested in adding me?! Email me with your name if you want and i'll add you....

    Hope you have a happy pregnancy xx

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