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hi quick question??


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  • I'm quite rare - I found out I was having triplets at about 6 weeks in an early scan. About a week after I found out I was pregnant I started getting really bad stomach pains so went to hospital, had an early scan which showed three sacks, but at the time only 2 looked to be developing. At the time I was just so relieved I was still pregnant that having twins didn't really phase me that much. By the following weekend I'd got used to the idea that I was having twins and expecting to lose the third. It was still a complete shock when I started to bleed though - another visit to hospital and another early scan clearly showed 3 hearts beating away quite merrily - It was a bigger shock seeing all three were fine than it was finding out there was more than 1!

    Anyway - the hospital gave me the scan report to take to my GP, but it wasn't passed on to the midwife. So, when I went in for my booking appointment at 8 weeks, she had no idea. I was referred to the hospital and got an appointment with the consultant at 13 weeks, who hadn't been told either! He arranged for me to have a scan then because the hospital normally only do 12 week scans to date the pregancy, and because I'd already had two early scans which had provided dates (albeit two different dates), the midwife didn't think I needed a dating scan! The consultant scanned me just to reassure me that everything was okay.

    I haven't bothered getting a doppler because it would make me paranoid - I'd be constantly checking!
  • Hi..after missing my period I made pregnancy test which was positive, then before I went for my first hospital appointment for a scan I was suspecting that either I have been already pregnant for 2months or I am carrying twins but I made a joke about it.The reason why I thought so was that I already had a bump which was too soon according to my weeks.But I couldnt believe when I was told there are two babies....i didnt know what to say ,so I just said "Oh, my god" cause I had 7months old son and after I found out I'm pregnant I was worried how I'm going to cope with 2 children then I was terrified by having twins plus my son to look after. I hope everything goes well for you.
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