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Hi Ladies,

I was wondering how far along you were when you found out you were expecting twins and how did you find out?

Thanks Angel Cake


  • i was 11+2 and found out at an emergancy scan that i was expecting non-id twins.

    Lilac* 32 weeks
  • i was 7wks pregnant when i found out,i had to have a early scan due to having a fresh bleed

  • I was 12+3 at the standard 12 week scan,no idea until then! x
  • 9 weeks. Had an early scan cos wasn't sure how pregnant I was. I had no idea until then either - cos my dad didn't tell me there were twins in the family. Although I did suffer very badly with morning sickness someone joked it might be twins! haha.

    My girls are nearly 5 months old now!
  • Like Snowangel, I had an early scan as I didnt know how far I was (I paid for mine with Babybond) due to previous miscarriage. I thought I was further as I was beginning to show and was very VERY poorly. I was 10 + 3 when I found out about my identical boys. They are nearly 5 weeks old now.

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie (4 weeks 5 days)
  • I paid for an early scan too (also babybond), purely because i was too eager to wait for 12 week scan, i assumed i was 7 wks, but was only 6wks 4 days!! When we found out it was twins! We didn't expect it but we do have twins on both sides of our families! x

    Non-id girls 9.5 months
  • Found out at 7 weeks due to an early bleed and 2 deaths in the family...

    My boys are going to be 1 on Tuesday 10th...

    Sara x
  • I paid for an early scan at Babybond too as I didn't believe I was pregnant! I was bloated but had no other symptoms. I was 7 weeks when I found out I was having twins.
    My girls were 6 months old yesterday

  • i found at my 12 week scan. i was a second time mom - so i was expecting my bump to be bigger and show more second time round. i was extremely shocked as there are no twins in our family at all. mine are one and a half now. my elder daughter is now 4!!!
  • I found out at 13wks (my 12 wk scan was late lol-i had my dates wrong hehe)
    The sonographer said that the two heartbeats were strong and this will show you how naive i was i thought she meant mine and the babies! I was like oh well that's good. She was like i dont think you understand and i was like understand what....she said it's Twins! I was OMG!!! I was thinking i only ordered one hahaha! But none the less as the shock subsided i was happy about it! My partner had to talk to the sonographer for the rest of the appointment as i was gobsmacked and totally lost for words haha! (That doesnt happen to me a lot) My partner was the one who told me they were identical as i didnt hear anything after the twins part! He was like scan every 4 weeks which i didnt mind at all lol! It's like a growing picture book my scans and bump haha! I was HUGE like! There's twins in my mams family but not my dad or any of my ex-partners family! PLus with ID twins it makes no difference as its just simply luck that decides lol!
    I had bad morning sickness but i was a first time mum and kind of thought it was par for the course hehe never in a million years expected 2! It was an accident but hey its the best one i ever had haha!
    Anyway thats the story (i realise you didnt ask for it lol) but never mind lol!
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