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Back from my scan!!!!

Well i only have half news to tell you all, as most of you know i'm expecting twins, so went for my scan and asked to know the sexes, but one twin was lying on it's back and jumping around and the other was looking like it was praying, on it;s stomach with legs curled up! and quite still, until the other twin came over and did what looked like battering the other one, it was so funny to see! Anyway because of all the activity they couldent be properly scanned, so all the checks havent been done, got to go back in two weeks for another scan.

Anyway we find out the sex of one twin the one lying on it's back and it's a blue one........ were all so made up after having 3 daughters and one step daughter! so on 11th August should hopefully find out other ones sex,was a bit disapointed it couldent be seen, just shows it's prob gonna be a ackward so & so.

No probs either as far as i know, so i'm avery happy mummy!

Cant wait to hear what everyone else is having after their scans today.....

Yvonne 21+3


  • Naughty twins already, lol.

    Well at least all was well and you have another scan to look forward too, and the great news one of then is a boy!!!! x
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