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Scan tomorrow!!!

Hey girls,

Its the big day tomorrow - my lo is having his assessment in the morning to find out if he is autistic or not and then in the afternoon its my scan!!! I'll be 19+5 (unless they change my dates)...

Please can everyone keep their fingers crossed for us all...

Sara x


  • Yes, fingers and toes and legs all crossed etc!

    Let us know how it goes. x
  • Hope all goes well as sure it will. Let us know xx
  • Hi - Everything went well today - My lo isn't Autistic and i'm having 2 very healthy boys...

    I'm copying you though Soda as at my 12 week scan they thought they were non id, but today, they couldn't be sure so I am having another scan in 4 weeks...

    Like you, they said that I will probably have to wait until they are born to find out for sure...

    I don't care though, as they are healthy and active...

    Sara xxx
  • I know I'm gatecrashing but saw your post & had to be nosey. Congratulations all round, I'm sure youre really relieved to get today out of the way

    Hilary x
  • Wow, congratulations on the boys!

    Its interesting to hear about your and soda's experience though now about the id situation?! Its funny as at my 12 wk scan they said non id but they were not sure, and now it seems its not so easy to tell...

  • hi, I'm gatecrashing too. Congratulations on twin boys great news and just what you wanted, and fantastic news about Saul, I bet you are soooo relieved I am really pleased for you xx
  • Glad it all went well for you I have another scan on Tuesday to check their growth. This evening they have been movng non stop. I am so big tho, have been for physio today and due to go back again next week. Speak soon. I off to bed very tired. Forgot to say glad your little boy is fine.

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  • Thanks girls - i'm so happy and yes relieved to get today over with...

    My family just isn't destined to have girls... I have 1 nephew and now i'll have 3 boys myself... My sister is gutted that she won't have a neice to dress up!!!

    Now i'm looking forward to my next scan in 4 weeks...

    Sara x
  • Great news all is well and that you are expecting 2 little boys. And good news about lo is great too..x
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