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induced on tuesday

hi ladies just letting u all know i am getting induced on tuesday ill will be 38 weeks pregnant then with my twins i am so scared and having got a clue whats happens when thet induce you so if anyone as been induced with there twins please let us know how it all went. x


  • I was induced with my girls at 36+5 and they arrived the next day at 36+6. I was given a pessary at 9.30am ish didn't get any contractions until about tea-time, and i laboured through the night, girls were born at 5-6am next day.
  • Haven't got my induction date yet, but wishing you all the luck in the world.

    Lilac* 33+3 twin bump
  • Good luck, x
  • Good luck hun! I was induced at 38 weeks. All went smoothly (apart from a few minor things) and had a natural birth image xx
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