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Twins and feeding

Hi ladies,

Thank you all for your past posts, they have really helped.

I was just wondering, has another mums of twins been able to breast feed? Was it difficult with 2?

Amber x


  • i tried to breast feed but they where just too small and it was difficult to get them to latch on, what i ended up doing was expressing while they where in SCBU and feeding them breast milk in a bottle, other mums then did keep up milk supply and breast fed but not exclusively so in the morning and at night but to be honest bottle feeding does mean that its not totally up to you to feed in the night which is a BIG bonus!!. i am glad that my boys had a couple of weeks of breast milk though.
    hope that helps.
  • Same as cathconk, the girls had EBM in SCBU which I expressed. They really struggled to latch and they and I got very stressed/frustrated with it so I continued to express for half of their feeds until they were 10 weeks old when I switched them exclusively formula as they weren't sleeping as much and I had less time to express during the day. They were (and still are) very slow feeders so I found I was constantly feeding which, when everything has to be done twice over, was just too hard.
    I have a twin mummy friend who is still breastfeeding her twin girls who are now 4 months old. They were born at 37 weeks and were good weights (4.5 and 5.5lb) which I think helps. She only uses formula for a 10pm feed and when out and about and they both want feeding at the same time (she asks someone else to bottle feed one if possible).
    It's definitely possible to breastfeed twins, all I would say is keep an open mind. I fully intended to breast feed my girls but it just didn't work out for any of us. Ultimately they are putting on weight and we are all happy so don't beat yourself up if you try it and it doesn't work xxx
  • Thank you for your replies and positive views.

    I'm happy your twins are doing well.

    Amber x
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