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Anyone any suggestions on maternity wear? Im preg with twins and my bump is huge, all my clothes I wore when pregnant last year!!! dont fit, too tight on bump or show bottom half of bump. Trousers seem fine, think bump higher this time. Not wanting to spend much, but any suggestions, looked on ebay and not much i like, as they mostly t-shirt tops and I never know what size to get. Also need something smartish as I work x 2 days a week


  • Hi Soda - H&M have some nice things occasionally and they are pretty cheap... Also New Look.... I'm having the same problem as you, all my maternity clothes from last year are also extremely tight already!!!

    I am waiting for the new season clothes to arrive in stores as i've seen all this seasons stock and bought the best...

    Oh Pumpkin Patch do some nice things...

    Sara x
  • have got belly band, forgot about that, have ordered some bits from New Look and Next, my bump is huge tho, not big anywhere else, not really even around waist just bump. Going through that "im so fat phase too".
  • Hiya, I bought two pairs of tracky bottoms from M&S, they were ??9 I think and go all the way up to a size 26 I think, so most twin bumps will be catered for! I lived in mine and were the fraction of the cost of the "maternity" tracky bottoms from Mothercare!
  • oh, and ebay's always a good place to look, and I ordered a couple of smarter pairs of trousers from image
  • hiya!
    my bump was massive too- esp as i got to 38 weeks preggers!
    i would buy skirts if i was you - strechy jersey ones. as i got bigger these were really the ONLY things that fitted me.
    i got some good ones form mothercare -as trousers were all rubbish by the end!
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