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did you use to frequent

U sound awfully familiar...


  • I was thinking the same thing myself...I'm sure I know you from there?
  • I hate to tell you this. She got run out of babyworld (not by me i add) because she is a fake. Lets be honest here, a mum of was it 3 or 4 children? she never could remember over there, got 10 gcse's when nationally you usually only take 9 grade A, married at 17? ok thats not sooooo strange but all in all shes unusual.
    Now she is trolling for sympathy. Quite honestly whoever this woman is is unstable and quite possibly mentally ill. She MAKES STUFF UP and cant keep track of her lies half the time, couldn't even remember how many children she had when she was over there, she must have written it down over here.
    She is preying on poor unsuspecting people who are trusting and careing and its not right. Sorry, i suspected her previously but i cant let someone like you who is nice go on thinking this girl is worthy of your time, energy or thoughts.
  • I have also seen her on a number of websites with different names, different ages for her children etc. I agree that there must be something wrong with her.
  • hi ladies have to say i had my suspicions from the very first post i read of hers she said she had one child who was born either oct or nov (cant remember and cant find the post) and the next one was born the following may!!!! then she said when she was about 6 weeks gone that the twins were identical, i didnt think they could tell that early on. I think its shamefull that some one can do that she is obviously ill, i almost feel sorry for her.
  • gosh thats quite disturbing tbh! are you sure its her on the other sites? i feel like a bit of a mug now i really felt for this lady when she posted saying her family had said they would disown her if she didnt abort her twins. i do actually feel sorry for her if you girls are right, there must be something very wrong in her head to make up such lies.

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  • hi,
    was just looking through the gallery and i noticed this lady does have an album with pics of her kids in at different stages. of course they might not be her children but then i dont like to think the worst of people.
  • Toni, they aren't her children, she uses the same pictures but changes when they were born their names etc etc believe me these accusations were not made lightly.
  • I have been on a site where she posted a picture of a so called 24week baby (her preemie twins apparently) that was at the size of at least a full term baby, and not in special care, in a kitchen. She also kept changing her mind on how far along she was, first it was 22 weeks, then 28 etc. It's all lies I'm afraid and I too wouldn't make accusations lightly
  • perfectmummy07 - what site? I used to see her on babyworld where else has she popped up??
  • anyone reported this?
  • im not accusing anyone of making accusations lightly just incase anyone thought that. i just hate to think someone could take advantage of all our kindness. i really hope that this lady does get some help, i cant imagine how messed up her head must be to make up all this stuff. god im soft aint i, i should feel annoyed at least but im just one of them people that wants to put right the worlds wrongs lol
  • It does seem a bit suspicious- her pic looks like it was snipped out of a wedding mag! And I don't mean to be rude but I'm sure someone who can't spell wouldn't get 10 top grade gcse's. It's sick really, why would anyone pretend those things? Oh well, hopefully she won't come on here again. I bet lots of people really felt for her as well.
  • perfectmummy07 - what site? I used to see her on babyworld where else has she popped up??

    Mother and Baby is where all the twin stuff kicked off, she offended a number of people on there.

    I also saw her on Babyworld.

    And I agree noone that spells the way she does is going to get themselves top GCSE's, I could barely understand some of her posts.
  • I cant believe someone would do that but obviously from what you ladies are saying they have.

    I have to say the only post of hers I remember reading was the one about ages & it stuck in my head coz I thought it sounded a bit full on having so many children so young that were 'planned' thats why this post stuck out on the forum index & I read it coz I would never be on twins, triplets & more coz I dont have any.

    You really do take it for granted that everyone is genuine dont you oz everyone on here is so helpful & supportive of eachother. Well done for sussing her out coz what she has done is disgusting.

    Crilly I noticed you've had your twins, I hope they are doing well.

    Hilary x
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