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What's going to happen?

Hi just a question about what happens if my twins are delivered early? My consultant said I will probably have the twins at around 35 weeks! Then what? Do we stay in hospital for weeks?

He has also said I will have a c section, although I really don't want one and would like to try a natural birth, as I have done with my two other little ones.

Can anyone tell me what they went through, just so I know what to expect

Thanks xx


  • Hi, I don't have time to go into the full story, just a very quick reply.

    My consultant said I'd get to 36 weeks, when I started bleeding at 28 weeks he was then aiming to get me to 34 weeks. I delivered my babies at 32 weeks by c-section.

    I too wanted a natural birth - wait til further along in your pregnancy and see how it's going.

    I didn't have a clue what would happen next though they tried to prepare me a bit. I was discharged 3 days after having my twins. They were in the neonatal unit for a month so I visited them all day everyday. This depends on the health of your babies. They tell you to expect the babies to be in until their due date, but mine were home much sooner even though my son was pretty poorly (On CPAP, needed blood transfusion, problem with guts and bowels).

    Read up first on a good site like so you've an idea what to expect, and the girls on here are fab too. Also, rest rest and rest to get as far along in your pregnancy as you can - it's tough but seriously you need to do as little as possible so all your blood supply and energy goes to making your babies as strong as possible. I thought I was taking it easy but wish I'd've rested much more to get them just a few more days in me.

    Having said that they're fine, really strong healthy babies now, just hard to have lost that first month.

    Good luck to you x
  • I was induced at 37 weeks (I was starting to get pre eclampsia) This was not nice and made labour very painful, very quickly, so I would defo do not want to be induced again!

    I really wanted a natural birth, but after 24 hours in established labour, twin 2 had a very slight dip in heart rate for just over a second and they didn't want to take any chances so I had an emergency c section. This was hard cos you cant move afterwards and with two babies to look after it is tough!! I found it really painful afterwards for a long time. I was in hospital for 8 days after because my smallest twin was in neo natal from Sunday to Thursday (they had been born on the Friday night) because he was unable to feed well on his own, so needed monitoring and tube feeding.

    I also had trouble with peaks and dips in my own bld pressure that needed an eye kept on!!

    They were very nice and let my husband stay with me in my own room to help out as I was back an forth between neo natal and maternity ward beacause my boys were in different places.

    Was so glad when we were allowed home!!!

  • Thanks for the replies, I'm just wishing for a straight forward birth, but now I know a little of what to expect. I am resting as much as possible, not easy with two other children, but they are good and know when mum needs a rest, plus they go to their dads at the weekends so I get a bigger rest then.
  • It depends if they is anything wrong,ds1 he was born at 35wks and he had bad jaundice so he was in hospital for 5days and cos he was my first istayed with him,the twins my waters broke at 31wks and from start to finish labour was 6 1/2 hours,it was a natural labour,in the end they used forceps as the docs were gettin a little concerned,they were both over 4lb each,they stayed in scbu for 5weeks i think i could have been discharged the day after but i wanted to stay for another day
  • Hi,

    I think this is normal especially if you're having twins. image You will deliver them early and yes, have a c-section as most mums who have twins and you will probably stay in the hospital for days. They will need to check the twins' health and development since they were delivered early than the usual.

    Good luck with your delivery!
  • My twins were delived at 36wks due to pre-eclampsia. My waters were broken and delivered naturally. I really did not want to have a section either, but it was explaned that this may happen if things did not work out. I think you just have go with it and they will do what is best for you and the babies.

    First twin was taken to special care as she was so small and stayed there a week until she was taking and holding down a certain amout of milk. I would have been able to stay in hospital up to 10 days after the birth if needed.
  • hya, hope everything is settling down for you, n u are all doing well

  • I was induced at 38 weeks.

    Have a vaginal birth with spinal and forceps due to twin 1 heart rate dropping.

    My type of birth was decided by what way up twin 1 was, if she had been breech I would have had a c-sec

    Twin 1 was in scbu for a week and me and twin 2 stayed in a room on the ward and all went home together x
  • they usually say you should have a c-section if lowest twin is breech.i had mine at 38weeks 3days and had to have c-section due to breech baby being the first.i was home 2 days later with the twins image if the 2nd twin is breech and the 1st isnt there is no reason why you cant tryfor a natural birth (thats what docs said to me).they also gave me a scan half an hour before going to theatre just to make sure they hadnt turned (i really didnt want a c-section due to having 3 good natural births previously).every multiple pregnancy is different and i guess we have to sacrifice our wants and needs in exchange for whats best for babies.really hope you get your natural birth image
  • G/c from dis.My sil has twin non id boys and she was given a induction date for her due date but left to it apart from that. In the end her water broke 5 days before her due date in the early hours, she went to hospital then had them late that night natural.One was born by forceps as his heart rate went down and he was the first born.The other was born fine.She had to have them in the theatre just incase she needed as section but had to also have a epidural.x
  • Not all twins are early or a c-section, or do they stay in scbu?!

    Just wanted you to know a different side...

    My girls were induced at 36+5 and came both naturally at 36+6 and we all stayed in just 1 night, and left the next day all together!

    Girls weighed 5.6 and 5,9.

    Emma, x
  • I had an emergency section at 35+3 with my girls as I had severe pre-eclampsia, and I wasn't able to be induced! My girls were in neonatal for 17 days, I was lucky enought that I was able to stay with them in a transition room within the neonatal unit when I was discharged from maernity at 6 days. The smaller twin was on an apneoa monitor for 8 days, and both of them had trouble feeding, once they were both breastfeeding every meal we were allowed home!

    Every pregnancy is different though, anf you really need to just see how things go later in pregnancy!

    Jo xx
  • Hi,

    My twins were born at 38 weeks, 6lb 3ozs & 6lb 4ozs. I went in to be induced but for various reasons I had a c-section. Must have been 'mothers instinct' as twin 2 was found after the making that decision (the higher twin)to be transverse and chances were high I would have ended up with one as an emergency anyway - after having twin 1 naturally.

    I stayed in for 2 nights & then asked to go home, babies & myself had to get all clear from docs first.

    I was told from 36 weeks they wouldn't need special care.

    I was told all along that the birth would depend on how twin 1 was lying, he was always head down. But twin 2 did keep turning, all the way till the last minute!! (dispite being told she wouldn't have space to!)

    Looking back, my eldest got quite spoilt with lots of tv time, especially for the last few weeks but I was still driving a few days before they were born and was driving again in the 4th week after the c-section.
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