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Am I having twins????

I am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my sec child. this pregnancy isnt much different then my first but i have a weird feeling im having twins. I am way more tired then i was with my daughter and when i did get tired it didnt start till I was a few month along. i already pee alot and that didnt happen in  my first pregnancy till I was a few months along. I am a skinny girl and im already showing like im a couple of months. I also get headaches alot that i never did with my daughter. My mom has twiins on her sid. could there be a chance I could be having twins? please can somebody help me?


  • Hi!

    I feel the same as a really weird feeling that I'm having twins! I am 6 weeks 4 days with my second and having way more symptoms than with my first, and I'm soooo tired!!  I am also skinny and seem to have a bump already! There are no twins in my family but I am 38 and I have been reading that the older you are the more likely you are to have multiples!

    On the other hand, every pregnancy is different, a friend of mine had far more symptoms with her second and only had one baby! And it is common to show sooner with a second pregnancy! So we may just be having a different experience this time...I hope so, don't think I could cope with a toddler and 2 babies lol!

    I suppose only a scan will tell us for sure...let me know how you get on! xx

  • Hello

    I have been researching and i have read the older you are the chances are greater. I am only 20 so my chances i guess would be less. I never really got the feeling i was having twins with my daughter but its just a weird feeling I have with this one.

    My symptoms are the same just stronger. I never had morning sickness with my daughter but with this one i have nasuea so that has enhanced. My friend had awful pregnancies with both her kids so this could just be a lil more difficult pregnancy i hope.

    I agree with you I dont know if i could handle a toddler and twins either lol.

    I will let you know and let me know what your scan says as well.

  • there is only one way to know and thats to have a scan,symptoms really mean nothing,i had every symptom with my singleton and i had no symptoms whats so ever with the twins, babe33 is right,every pregnancy is different and you will show quicker on 2nd or more pregnancies and you will be more tired as your looking after a toddler 

  • Hello

    I know you can grow faster. to me it seems way to fast I am 5 weeks and 6 days and i look like im atleast 4 months. my mother said I have grown in just one day. hopefully ill have a scan soon ad ill know for sure. image

  • Proudmommy did you have twins in the end?

  • Hi. I know this is an old post but im sat here going crazy 😂 i had an ultrasound on friday at 5 wks 3days. The sonographer said she only saw one fetus but the more i look at mh second scan picture im convinced i can see two sacs 🙈 anyone else see it? Only in tje 2nd pic? 




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