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Twins but hardly any symptoms!

I'm 5wks preg and other than my huge boobs, back and hip ache ..I'm not feeling sick, no nausea, no motion sickness or anything! I keep reading with twins morning sickness is worse! But I feel fine, especially compared with the pregnancy I had with my son. Did anyone else feel relatively okay with a twin pregnancy? No doubt, know I've written this, I feel as sick as a dog in the morning image xx


  • My neighbour and i were pg at the same time 3yrs ago. I was sick as a dog with 1 baby and she sailed through with barely any symptoms! Her twins were born at 39 weeks nice and healthy. image you may be one of the lucky ones. Xxx
  • i had every symptom with my singleton and i had no symptoms at all with the twins and i had 2 fresh bleeds too,one at 7wks and 13wks and everything was fine,they were born at 31wks,there 3 1/2 now,so take NO NOTICE of symptoms as its a load of tosh! and dont forget your still very early on,so it still may kick in,also your only 5wks,have you had an early scan? if so iam supprised they saw anything with you been so early at 5wks,specially a heartbeat 

  • Yes I had an early scan
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