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weaning a prem baby

hi all
i just wandered when you all weaned your prem babies and what signs they gave for you to start weaning
my little boy is 16 weeks old and is starting to look like he is more humgry and looks at me when i eat and puts his fist in his mouth is it too early to start weaning him should i hold off for a while im really not sure what to do so any advice would be really appreciated

many thanks



  • hi, my boy was 5 weeks early and from about 16-17 weeks (actual age) he seemed more hungry and looked like he wanted my food. he was also feeding more often (not more in quantity though). i changed milk to hungry baby milk and managed to delay weaning untill 20 weeks. i've not rushed him either, he's 24 weeks and is still on 2 meals a day and some days he isn't bothered so i just let him have more milk. with prem babies i was told that they don't need to go on corrected age as there digestive systems have been having milk the same length of time as a term baby so can tolerate small quantities of food. i was also told that prem babies usually want weaning early because the iron supplies that would have lasted them till they are 6 months haven't been laid down as it usually happens in last 5 weeks of pregnancy. x
  • My lo was 7 weeks early and I started weaning him at 20 weeks. Guidelines for weaning premature babies say to wean between 5-7 months and look for signs your baby is ready for solids. The Bliss Premature Baby Charity website has a great leaflet with loads of advice and you can request them to send you a copy free of charge.
  • Hi Denise
    Do you know what the leaflet was called? I just had a look on the BLISS website but couldn't see anything (probably looking in the wrong place!).
  • it's ok - just found it!
  • Kara was born at 34+4 weeks and weighed 3lb 12oz. I weaned her at 5 months from the day she was born. She is 13 months now and I have never had any problems with her. Just use your own instincts and if you think your baby needs weaned then start. A mum knows best rather than listening to others.
  • Hi im new here my baby was born at 30+6 and is now 10 wks when is it right to wean them being told lots of things!!!!!:\?
  • hi sammy
    you can wean your baby from five months but i would let your baby tell you when he/she is ready you go by your babys birth date not the date he/she shouldhave been born hope this helps.

  • hI yea that helped alot she was due today so im kinda down wondring wot ifs and things xxx
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