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Thinking of weaning?

hey DS is now 22 weeks EBF, im thinking of starting weaning, he is not really asking for more milk yet sometimes an extra one in the morning, and he has started looking for a feed in the night now, but id rather get started sooner rather than later so we dont run into any problems of not accepting foods.

do you think its ok to wean now and how best to do it, introduce porridge for the first few days and when to start on veg? also do you give your LO any water?



  • Hi jemcol, we started weaning a couple of weeks ago (dd is now 21 weeks) and have chosen to use purees.

    We started by offering baby rice and chose lunchtime as our starting mealtime - i mixed one teaspoon of rice with a tablespoon of breastmilk, we had sucess for a couple of days but when i tried moving onto veg on day 3 she didnt have it and clamped shut - we took a break for a couple of days after which she was happy to take solids again. We offered carrot as a first veg and pear as first fruit - the pear is very runny so we add baby rice to thicken it - to start with for the first week i mixed the fruit/veg with breastmilk however hand expressing small amounts got a bit of a pain so i now use cooled boiled water to get it to a desired consistency. We got an annabel karmel book, birth to toddler meal planner (but she does also do a purely puree book) which is a good place to get ideas and this week we have started mixing different purees together. We have hit a bit of a wall with the clamping again, but i think all of her mealtimes got thrown out by the clock change!

    At 2 weeks in we added breakfast too but it is hit and miss whether she will eat it.

    With regard to water, we will start offering a sippy cup of water next week with her lunch and see how we go - nothing to stop you offering water sooner, but we are following the AK meal planner and that is her suggested time frame.

    We took the decision to start weaning due to my breast milk supply problems and her frequent night wakings which have improved since.

  • thanks for your great explanation moomin, great tips there, i do feel like starting now, its just the hv putting me off saying i should wait till 6months bla bla.

    going to have a cuppa now and have a good old think about it.
  • you don't have to wait until 6 months image i mentioned the other day somewhere on this site about baby zilli stuff, it's pretty good, I'd recommend it as the flavours are lovely, and they do 4 months plus stuff so it must be absolutely fine?! image
  • Don't do it! I'm afraid babies just do wake at night, and it's our job to deal with it and give them the best possible start. It can lead to digestive problems and general food issues - what's a few more weeks to wait? My baby was huge and very hungry, so I do know what it's like. You'll look back and feel so glad that you waited, as it is best for your baby's tummy to be more developed.
  • I started weaning at around 21 weeks. he was very active early on and showed signs of wanting food. He was interested in the food we were eating, doing the chewing movements with his mouth, waking up more during the night, sitting up, reaching out for food off our plates. So I started feeding him baby rice mixewithin breast milk once a day around 5/6pm. Then about 2 weeks later started giving him puréed carrot, sweet potato, red lentils. Then from 6 months, I started him on 3 meals. day. He would still have his normal milk feeds while he was being weaned. At first I fed him on my lap or sofa and then moved him into the high chair from around 6 months. But leading up to him feign fed in the high chair, I used to sit him in while I was cooking so he got used to the chair.

     Good luck and enjoy the weaning journey  
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