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I was wondering if you guys had any advise for me. Im breastfeeding my 3 month old exclusively and am thinking about offering him a small amount of baby rusk with my milk at his last bedtime feed to see if this will make him sleep through the night. A lot of people i know have mentioned i should give it a go. Is there anyone that has done this? if so what age did you offer it (was it 4 months as recommended on the packets) and most importantly did it work.

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  • Number 1 was 12 weeks,number 2 was 10 weeks,babies 3 and 4 around 12 weeks.I always gave it at the 6 o' clock feed rather than the last one,and I mixed it with formula and gave a formula feed at the same time.I used baby rice rather than rusks because you can measure just a small amount rather than a whole rusk.It did work.

    My babies had been sleeping through the night,it was when they started waking up needing a feed after having stopped that I introduced just plain baby rice as they needed something more.

  • I was told to spoon feed my 2 boys early (I also have 2 girls who slept well) to try to make them sleep better.  My older son is now 7 years old, and I gave him baby rice made with my breast milk, and it made no difference at all to the way he slept.  He still takes less sleep than anyone else in the house. I spoonfed him at 12 weeks old.

    My youngest son is now 13 months old, and I didn't spoon feed him until he was almost 5 months, as i knew it would make no difference.  He didn't stop feeding through the night until he was about 11 months (stopped b/feeding at 10 months).

    My 7 year old has eczema, and I blame myself for spoonfeeding him too early.

  • Hi thanks for your advise, its crazy isnt it how babies are so different. Theres just a part of me that wants to see if it does work and means a good nites sleep. (hes waking every 3/4 hours sometimes less in this hot weather) for a feed and i was not sure if he was waking cause i was not giving him enough

  • Hello

    Harry was a terrible sleeper too and constantly woke up for a feed until I stopped BF at  months, weaning made no difference to him whatsoever.

    HOwever a few of the girls in my antenatal group did give a formula feed last thing at night to help them feel fuller for longer.

    I dont think you are meant to give anything wheat based til 6m, so you may want to stick to baby rice rather than the rusk, plus as mentioned baove you can make up small amounts.

    Good luck.

  • Hya, my little one is called Harry - wicked name image

    thanks for the advise

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