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Demanding LO!

Hi, My LO is 11 months, nearly a year old. She has always been a good eater but lately she has become a very demanding little madam in the last week or so!! If she sees someone else eating something different to her, she will shout at you for some and cry if you refuse, then refuses to eat her meal (usually resulting in throwing it off the high chair!), Even if you have the same meal she would rather have yours! I find it hard to take her out with us for meals as she will make a scene! If you do let her try or have some of your food she always wants more. eats it all then eats her food too! if she finishes all her food before her older sister she will then try and eat her food too! she eats a varied diet and good quantities, she hardly leaves anything but this behaviour is driving me a little mad! has anyone experienced the same and how have you dealt with it? I am trying not to let her get her own way as I don't want this to become a cycle! its hard work though! lol!


  • Yes they always prefer what somebody else has. I know I shouldn't but I usually give in to daughter. (She is 1)

    The only solution is to feed her at a different time to everyone else. If she is hungry and can't see any other food she will eat what she has.

  • She has got a little bit better, but even if I feed my LO at a different time to her sister, if she sees anyone else eating and she isn't, then she wants food, and kicks up a fuss if she doesnt get anything!! Even when she is eating the same meal as her sister she would rather have it off her plate, she is a little monkey! She also now finds it funny when I tell her off for throwing food off her highchair, which she does to get my attention, and has been doing it even more! I have resorted to taking the food away in some cases. I had it easy with my eldest, my youngest definitely likes to challenge me! I am hoping this phase will pass soon, as meal times can sometimes be a little exhausting!image

  • I'm really pleased you posted about this as my little one has been going through this stage for a while. I end up eating at all sorts of strange times trying to eat when he cant see me! He will go mad screaming until he gets my food so I always end up giving in (his dad then tells me off!) Its been getting slowly worse for a while now but I just dont know what to do image

  • I know! its tough! especially when eating out! but it will get better! If we are eating at the same time, I prepare the same or similar meals for both of us. I also try not to snack at different times to her. I find this makes things easier. If i am in a situation where i am eating something different or something that she cannot have, I tell her that it is mummys and give her something she can have. Try not to give in by giving your LO a little of your food all the time, as he will then come to expect it. Sometimes you have to ride out the crying and shouting and let him know that there is food for him and food for you, if it gets too much, remove him from the situation until he calms down. also diverting his attention away from your food, by engaging him in a song, talking about something he likes or playing with a favourite toy may help too image

  • Thanks for the advice image ill keep you posted on how we get on
  • good luck! I look forward to hearing how you get on! image


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