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I have had a lot of fun finding ways to ensure that Annabel has adequate food when we go out. So far Annabel has eaten at Buckingham Palace, St James park, Hyde Park, in a pub garden (or two), a restaurant, on a train and at a Lido. Not bad considering we have only been weaning for just under a month.

My advice and tips for early (stage 1) weaning on the move are:

1. Pack a sturdy picnic box/lunch box - one that has foil or lining to keep food at the desired temperature. Mine fits at the bottom of Annabel's buggy so is easy to carry.

2. Freeze foods in small pots, remove the required portions in the morning and place in the lunch box, by lunch time/dinner time the pot should have defrosted and be ready to be eaten.

3.Take some fresh soft fruit, such as a banana/blueberries (washed) and mash with a portable masher (Annabel Karmel does a great one approx £5 from waitrose/Boots).

4. Pack your wipe-clean bibs, baby- wipes, and alcohol gel (if using).

5. Take a picnic blanket wherever you go - that way you can just set up camp wherever you are.

6. We have a high chair liner, we take this out if we are going somewhere that will require Annabel to be sat in a high chair.

All of these things have meant we can feed Annabel on the go and that we don't have to rush back in time for meals. I think it also helps Annabel to understand that food is fun and sociable and should be enjoyed.

Happy eating out!!


 Annabel and I in St James Park.




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    Equipment carried for fun and effective weaning when out and about.

  • I always take some anti bacterial wipes out with me, especially if I go to restaurants, so I can wipe down grubby high chairs and tables. Also a spare spoon, incase one ends up on the floor! Disposable bibs can come in handy too, if you are tight for space, or are on holiday/day trip and don't want to carry around a grubby bib around after a meal! image

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