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More finger foods

My son (2nd child) is nearly 9 months which I know is a transition time on food with less purees and more finger food.  Has anyone else actively made this transition and got some good ideas for what to give him?  Fishcakes have been well received so far!! But think I need some meat ideas.  He wasn't that keen on bolognaise a while ago but think I need to try that again to see if he would like the taste / texture now.


  • My lg had beef stew the other night and loved it. The beef was really tender and she got on fab with it. She is only 6 mths. Oh and she had some meatballs to, not such a success but she did have a good suck on the meat (which I sliced into thick sticks)

  • That's great! He loves a beef casserole that I've made in the past but pureed up, so should try without doing that stage!


  • Henry eats what we eat. But I mash it all. I'm doing more finger foods. But not as many I would like. He loves banana although it's impossible for him to hold as it's so slippery. Going to try cucumber tomorrow. And sandwichs at lunch time.
  • My son Bert is 9 months now, and I'm trying to give him more finger foods - its hard though as I do really worry so much about him choking - also he only has two teeth and although his gums are hard I still really panic any time he gags or 'forgets' to chew! Lol. I give him toast, sandwiches and baby-specific snacks (crisps, puffs, rice cakes, bread sticks etc). I haven't tried him with cucumber, so I might try that today - how do you cut it? In a big finger? 

  • I sometimes do chunks. But he hates it image x
  • I tend to do fingers of cucumber. With things like pear etc where its a bit "slippery" I often put it on a fork so that he can hold it. 

  • That's a good idea. Never even thought of that! X
  • I just want to share how proud I am of my wee man - we went to a local cafe play yesterday where they do toddler platters and I ordered him one as I'm trying to get him eating more finger foods. He did so well!!!

    Falafel, cucumber, toast, breadstick and banana platter...


     And here is what was left...


     I was so proud of him. image 

    As we speak he is munching on a crumpet….I think we're getting there - I'm so grateful he's willing to try these foods and seems to enjoy them all. 

    Lucy x

  • That's brilliant xxx
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