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Did anyone give their LO pancakes? Annabel tried then today at our Church baby group. I thought she might have liked them as she likes crumpets, bread and foods of that texture - she spat them out and throw then on the floor!! 

Did anybody else let their LO try pancakes and if so with what?


  • Yes I made blueberry pancakes and both children loved them! My family are scottish so I've always grown up with the small thick pancakes rather than thin so always make these.  I added sugar but as I don't make them very often I thought it would be fine to give them to them both.  They loved them! And my son loved the blueberries too!

  • Both my girls loved their pancakes. My youngest had just a plain one and my eldest loved her nutella one. I think their Daddy may have disowned them if the didn't like them as its his favourite day of the year image

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