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Today i started weaning my baby girl on baby porridge but she got trapped wind after 1 spoonful of it, what does this mean? i made it nice and smooth for hger so there were no lumpy bits in it and she has been showing signs of weaning.

is this usual on their first time as i iknow it is complelty different from her milk.

also when should i build the spoonfuls up?

any advice would be great




  • My eldest was a nightmare with weaning. She would pig it down so quickly then get all chokey. I ended up starting her off with dipping my finger tip in it. Sound gross but she then got used to the taste and only taking a little bit with her usual sucking action that she used for her bottle. I think Mia was a bit greedy and wasn't too sure what her mouth and throat were supposed to do because it's smooth but still different texture to milk. Cow and Gate website, if you register with them, they send some really good free weaning stuff out and have really useful info about recipes, stuff they sell for quick meals and portion size over the weeks and months of weaning. Hope this helps a bit image x

  • hi thanks for the reply sym. come to think of it she did wolf it down. im new to weaning as this is my first baby, I had a look at cow and gate website and registered and got all their free weaning stuff being sent out to me. I cant wait untill she is on some different flavoured purees to see what she likes image

    I have just kept on with the porridge and she seems to be getting used to it, like you say its completly different to her usual milk and its all very new to her digestive system. When should i try something new with her? Do you think i should wait a couple more weeks and then try her on a carrot puree?

    think i get dead excited to try new things with her cz if i had milk all the time i'd get dead bored of it lol x

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