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9 month old routine - what do you think?

Were to start, well my Dd is 9month and 2wks.

I know there isint a right way and each baby does there own thing. 

We've been weaning since about 5months. I read some were that about 9month they drop into a 4hr slot but my LO goes 5hrs between each bottle and feed. She's happy and content. Longwinded sorry. 

This is our Rountine.. That she does for myself, she seems to have a different Rountine for my mum and mother In law..

Most days is like this. 

6-7am up and some juice nappy change etc 

7.30am 5oz out of a 7oz bottle 

9.25am to 9.55am nap 

10am breakfast (porridge, weetabix or Rusks) (which I feed her) 0.5oz of Juice

10.30am nappy change 

11am - 12pm (if no nap play on floor) 

12.30pm 5oz out of a 7oz bottle 

1pm Play in walker nappy change etc 

2pm - 3pm Dinner - baby led weaning - (pizza, chicken nuggets, chips, fish fingers, waffles peas carrots scrambled and toast etc.) cut up into bite size pieces. Dessert - yoghurt, jelly or fruit pieces. 1oz Juice..

3.25pm - 3.55pm Nap 

4pm - 5pm play on floor with dad and big sister (nappy change etc) 

5.30pm 5oz of a 7oz bottle (maybe more if she's not took a dinner very well). 

6.30pm - 7pm Bath nappy etc 

7.30pm - 8pm Supper (porridge, weetabix or Rusks) mummy fed 0.5oz juice 

8.30pm Sleep 

10pm - 10.30pm Sleep feed maybe 3.5oz out of a 7oz bottle nappy change and then put into her cot in her own room..

Mam and mother in laws Rountine is similar but baby grazes all day long as well as having bottles but only takes 3bottles and drops her 10pm bottle for them.

(is that cause she's been feed enough through the week do you think?) just I've tried dropping her 10pm feed and she wakes up at 3am for a bottle of myself.). 


  • Hmm! I don’t think there really is a right or a wrong if your lo is content, gaining weight, wet nappies etc.

    Personally i would drop the juice when they get up as they will prob take more of the morning bottle then. 

    Mayne cut back food portions as Food shouldn’t really be replacing milk until the age of 1 as it’s got all their vitamins in 🙂. 

    BUT if you have a happy and content baby who has found ther own routine then I’d be tempted to stick with it, maybe mention it to the health visitor next time your at weigh in clinic 🙂

  • Thankyou for your reply Allybob88,

    I'll try dropping the juice in the morning and see how she goes, LO has been a steady weight since being born, she didn't seem to drop from a birth weight just kept putting it on now that's she's moving about she's back in her weight range for her age so I know her portion sizes are okay,

    I have plenty of wet and poop nappies from her too..

    I did try and put her into a 4hr Routine but she just refused to settle there and kept pushing herself back to the 5hr mark. So I'll keep doing what I'm doing and I'll definitely talk to my health visitor the next time I see them. 

  • Hello,

    I've got a 7 month old little boy who eats really well.

    Routine wise in short:

    Up at 7am (ish) - 7 oz bottle.

    8.30am Breakfast - Toast, porridge, avocado, yogurt, fruit etc.

    11am - Bottle - 7 oz milk

    12.30 - Lunch - Pasta, casserole, stew, beans etc. Plus fruit.

    3pm - 7 oz bottle milk.

    6pm - Dinner - Always have protein as it helps keep him full. Spag Bol, Sheperds pie, Hearty homemade meals. Plus fruit, banana/pears/apples etc.

    7pm - 7oz bottle. 

    Water through out the day! 

    Sleeps all night until between 6.30/7am!.

    Hope this helps?

  • Thankyou for your reply MrsForster26, that helps alot I'm just keeping her in the same Routine as I've always done, I have dropped the juice on a morning and she still takes between 5/6oz. 

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