Baby Led Weaning help!!

Hi, I started weaning my little boy at 17/18 weeks. Have only done purée up until now but really want to start doing baby led hperversely I feel like I don’t know where to start. 

If anyone could help that would be great! 

Thanks in advance x


  • I did a mix of both baby led weaning and spoon feeding. 
    My daughter would only take puree when she was holding a spoon too (it was a good distraction). With baby led, be prepared for serious mess! So i would offer simple things at first like sticks of boiled carrots, some crustless buttered toast, some pasta twirls, even a dry rusk. Your baby will gag, but it's really normal so try not to fret. So, i would spoon feed puree, and offer finger food at the same time. Really hit and miss, but it's more about tastes and the experience than actually feeding, if you know what i mean. 

  • We went straight in with baby led weaning at 6 months and it’s terrifying but you both  soon get used to the gagging and baby will quickly learn. Luke is nearly 7 months and hasn’t gagged on anything today! I offer boiled veg, he especially loves broccol. Toast, scrambled egg, sandwiches with cream cheese, he had an egg mayo sandwich the other day and loved it! We have done macaroni cheese (with penne pasta) tortellini, the contents of a fajita but not spicy of course! Raw veggies like cucumber and pepper. If you peel and chop an apple you can microwave it for 30/60 seconds to soften it up. With BLW they can eat whatever you eat just watch the salt! I’ve avoided some things like spag Bol and baked beans for now becasue I want to know for sure he can swallow and chew but I think those are things we will try next week! 

  • Oooh another big winner for us is breadsticks woth cream cheese x

  • Thank you for the replies x

  • My lo wouldn’t take purées so i was forced into BLW, but so glad. I started with a lot of sweet potato wedges and courgette fingers because they’re already soft and mushy. I also bought a bag of frozen broccoli and cauli, when I cook it I find it to be softer than fresh veg, and there’s less waste because I only cook what he needs.

    I’d often give him toast with fruit Purée from a pouch on it for extra goodness instead of butter. 

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