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High chairs

Just starting to look at getting a high chair - any advice on what to look for or recommendations? Thanks x


  • I can't recommend the stokke tripp trapp enough...I thought they looked really uncomfortable but LO loves it and can sit to the table and get fully involved!

  • We got a chicco happy snacker which we're really pleased with.

    Lo has been in it since 5 months, it has a solid centre bar so no slipping, and a removable tray so easy to get in and out.
  • Thanks - there are so many to choose from! The tripp trapp looks good - expensive but I guess it would be used for a long time x
  • i love love love ebay, i know its not for everyone but I got a reclining Cosatto MilkBar Highchair for ??30, its normally ??100 new and is excellent condition, don't know how old your lo is but my lo has been in this one since 15 weeks and loves it, its red leathery plastic and is great.
  • Ikea gets my vote too! We got the chair and tray for ??14 and then bought the inflatable insert too. It's light and easy to clean and Freddie looks far more comfi in it than his babies r us one which has now gone to live at his nanna's!
  • Ikea! We have the Graco one that was in the Asda event and Beth hates it. I feed her on the floor now as she has such a tantrum when in there. It's too reclined for her and she is always slumping down. Plus I can't ever get her close enough to the tray.

    My sis has the Ikea one and whenever Beth is in that one she is much happier so I have just ordered it/ Can't wait for it to arrive. The Graco one will be moving to my parents house.

  • Hadn't thought of Ikea - will take a look x
  • The cheapest Ikea one gets my vote too. Def easier to keep clean than anything with a cover and so small and unobtrusive compared to most highchairs. Also more upright than lots of others, which my LO prefers.
  • What BabyB said. Got the Graco Teatime one, wish I'd got the Ikea one. Much easier to clean - which is a major factor. SO sick of cleaning th ecover of the Graco...
  • I agree about the Ikea one. We have the happy snacker one and the straps and grooves get so manky, but we have the Ikea one at my Mum's and it's fantastic. Still use it with my 2 yr old but take the tray off so he's just sat at the table. It's great for taking other places too, just take the legs off and put it in the boot.
  • If you like the tripp trapp style then the baby dan is similar for much less and have a sale on at the moment and are selling it for ??50 down from ??75.
  • I have the fisher price dwell studio one and I love it.
    it is easy to clean, the straps have been in the washing machine and come out like new.
    It moves up and down and my LO sits in it very well.
    We have quite a large kitchen/dining room so it's fine slotted under the breakfast bar but if you haven't much room it might be a problem as it doesn't fold. The back legs just push in, so it's not so big.
    It also converts to a booster seat later on.
  • I had always seen the pretty pictures of the Stokke chair that 'grows with your child', but at something like £400 I decided against it!!!! I didn't even think that other companies would make something similar, until I saw a Bounty offer.

    So we bought a Hauck Alpha chair. I really like it - a really sturdy chair. My only complait is that it doesn't have a tray, so this might pose problems when my LO starts to feed herself, but I think the idea is that she will use the main dining table - well I hope that is the idea!

    I am thinking that I might just get one of the cheap and cheerful Ikea highchairs at this stage - always useful to have 2 highchairs in the house when friends come round with their LOs.

  • I'm agree about the Ikea antilop £16 - it's so brilliant that we bought 2, 1 for our house and 1 for nan and grandads. X

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