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What to give 14 month old for lunch??!!

Hi, im new here, i just wanted a few lunch ideas for my 14 month old son. I give him things like spaghetti hoops, pasta and sauces, he had an omlette for the first time yesterday and seemed to like it, i just run out of quick ideas that are easy to do!! At dinner time, he generally has what my hubby and i have. I've tried sandwiches, but he just pulls them apart and throws them on the floor! He's a great boy, really happy chappie! any ideas would be most welcome, thanks, Becky x


  • Hi Becky! heres a selection of what Tate used to have at that age (and still enjoys now) for lunch or quick teas. He too has whatever we have for dinner now, although is a bit fussier...Welcome to PP!!
    Scrambled eggs toast, Cheese dippers (breadsticks and soft cheese) with cucumber and carrot sticks and pepper, jacket pots with beans/tuna/cheese, cheese cubes and crackers, cut sandwiches in different shapes with cookie cutters, pasta tubes with tomatoe sauce and some chopped sausage, sausage rolls with beans, quiche, oooh the list goes on he loves his food, oh pizza fingers he just loves too! And just starting to get into bacon (all the unhealthy stuff at the moment!!
  • Boo can ethan eat cheese now or is it a special type he has?? xxx
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