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Vitamin tablets.

I have been looking through a weaning book that my health visitor gave me. And in it it say's that breastfed babies 6 months and older shoule receive a daily dose of vitamins. I have never heard of anyone doing this before.
Does anyone know if i am supposed to be giving Hollie vitamins?


  • I expect is just the iron thing they might be getting at. Similarly you can switch from infant formula to follow on from 6months as that has extra iron in but you don't have to. I expect your HV can advise you, but I've never come across it being commonplace for b/fed babes to have supplements x
  • Thankyou fornyour replies. I have never heard of it either so was quite shocked when i read that.

    Miriam, that reply helped thankyou. Hollie is eating solids and eating a very healthy diet at the moment as we are making our own food for her and not giving her jars. She seems very happy on solids with milk, and her weight gain has never been a problem. So i suppose she doesnt need it, i will speak to my hv when i next see her though just to get some more advice on it. But i expect she will say the same, as she has never been worried about Hollie and thinks i have done a good job feeding her so far.

    Thanks again xx
  • Me neither,ive never heard of it and i also breatfed riley.
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