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Am i giving too much?

Hello i have another question just a different subject. Jd is having 5 8oz bottles per day, tho he doesn't always finish it. Plus he's having two meals and i'm worried he's having too much

7am 6oz milk
11am 6/7oz milk and baby rice about 20 weaning spoonfuls
3pm 5/6oz milk and 2 cubes of veg
7pm 8oz milk
10.30pm 8oz milk

That was yesterday and sometimes he has bit more milk but thats the general gist. Does that look about right? He is a big baby nearly 20 pounds now


  • I'm a bit rusty on weaning advice as ambers had major problems coping with food so doesn't follow a 'normal' routine!
    However she's a big girl too last time i had her weighed a month or so ago, 27.5 lbs!! This is how much food she has

    5-6am 10 ozs
    breakfast 1/2 pear
    midmorning 4ozs milk
    lunch 10 cubes of various food folowed by 1/2 pear
    tea 8 cubes follwed by 6ozs milk
    bedtime 10ozs milk

    amber has a limited diet which is why that list might seem strange but i just wanted to show that amber still has lots of milk plus quite a bit of food now!!

    ambers consultant said that as long as she eats the food first then give her whatever milk she wants. I think in Jds case he's still young so if he's happily having all the milk then let him!
  • He's really loving his food nearly eats the spoon as well, just worry bout giving too much food with his milk too but i give him milk first so he drinks til he's full then i offer food so guess it's ok, just nice to see what other people do
  • I always used to have the opposite worry!!
    Cameron was never a great milk drinker until we switched him onto cows milk at a year, now i think he's got hollow legs as he can't get enough milk!!

    Jd's only four months so milk is still really important, and like you said he's quite a big boy. I'd just keep going with what you're doing, it sounds like he's quite happy !!
  • I think some of the others will be able to offer you better advice, weaning went copletely wrong for amber!! xxx

    that's great he loves his food!!
  • He would tell you if he was having too much, by not eating it. You are doing the right thing offering him milk first, as it is more important at the moment.

    I thought that the twins were eating too much, as in more than half a small jar of food per meal plus half a big pot of pettit filu EACH. HV gave me a lecture on the virtues of home cooking etc, and I have managed to survive today without opening a jar. But their appetites go down when there is more flavour there (i hope). Milly was a big eater too, infact i think she had a snack too at 6 months.

    JD will start to show you that he's had enough, he will lose interest in what you are giving him, or he will take less milk in favour of the food. Those signs are the most important thing for you to keep account of.
  • Just to say I agre with the others sarah, he will let you know when he's had enough. He sounds like a big boy so I don't think you are over feeding him at all. I basically followed (roughly) the guides in the anabel karmel book. If he's happy, sleeping well at night and enjoying he's food theres not much you can't ask for.

    Sally re, home cooking. I would love to have the time, but must say that Luka has had alot of jars too. And he's fine. He happily switches between what we are having for dinner or if its something that he can't or shouldn't have I just give him a jar and I don't worry about it too much!
  • Thank you, my hv is ok but doesn't really help me much. I felt like i was doing the right thing just wanted bit of reassurance from you more experianced mums!
  • At 4 months Bronwyn was eating 3 meals a day plus approx 40oz milk and sometimes a lot more milk!!!

    Listen to JD and go with what he wants. I was told that I was over feeding Bronwyn, however she was very hungry and a big girl being 11lb 12.5oz at birth. My HV has no idea that I started weaning at 12 weeks, she's a dragon and would probably breath fire is she knew!!!
  • It sounds like jd loves his food. Jake was the same. He had lots of milk and food. Both my mum and nan would keep saying to me that they thought i was giving him to much to eat. Jake was 8lb 3 weeks early! The others are right, jd will soon let you know when he's had enough or prefers food to milk.
    lol. x
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