Baby lola

All my pics are too big to upload here so ive put a couple on facebook!!



  • Congratulations - she is beautiful!! Can't believe you're back on PP already!! Hope you're recovering well xx
  • Both the babies are asleep! So there nothing else to do!!

    It was a shock, shes so petite though, a tiny face! and how dark her hair is! she just so lovely and healthy! shes took to bf fantastic! her first feed was 20mins its just such a massive relief and such a strange experience after all the drama surrounding jacks birth. We were able to hold her straight away and then after checks etc were left to have time alone, and we were back on the ward for jack to visit at 2.30! Hes not very interested in her at all, but is first to check on her if she makes a noise!

    Still doesnt seem real, i really didnt expect a little girl even though wed been told maybe!

  • so glad everything went well for you and bf is going well. i guess jack will get more interested as time goes on, i love the name Lola image do you have lots of pink things?? i'm hoping sproglet is a girl just because i love the little girl clothes! - not the best reason!! image

    have added you as a friend on facebook - hope you don't mind.. my surname's bamford and profile pic is ben reading postman pat xx

  • we have lots of pink stuff lol!! its all so pretty! andrew got her pink muslins, and ones with pink bunnies and hearts on (our excuse is we dont want jacks upset when she has white ones lol)

    course i dont mind u adding me, youll be able to see more pictures when i finally get round to uploading them x

    I have to admit even though i had a boy ive always looked at girls stuff to its soo lovely! She was ment to wear a dress home today but she was sound asleep and i hadnt got the heart to disturb her so ill put her in it tomorow when my sister comes to meet her, cant wait to see her skinny little legs in tights!!!

    oh and did i mention me and lola woke up this morning to 3inches of snow outside our hospital window!! I think ill be waiting some time before venturing out this time, its freezing! and this time im more than happy to sit and stare at her while jack plays, it was soo sureal havingt the two of them home! (jack by the way loved his time at my mums, andrew did end up having to go help at bedtime but last night he asked mum to go bed and was fine without us)image

    Im still a bit sore but the scars nothing compared to the period pain ive been getting image i didnt get any after having jack, but lolas bf well and than can make it bad

    id better shut up now as im gushing! xxx

  • She is so gorgeous, you must be very proudimage

    Glad everything is going well xx

  • Oh She is beautiful! Hope you're all getting on ok?

    Have added you on face book too!!! image xx

  • Oh She is beautiful! Hope you're all getting on ok?

    Have added you on face book too!!! image xx

  • Glad to hear it's all going well.Just seen the pictures and Lola is gorgeous.Sit back and enjoy!
  • You have every right to gush,she is beautiful!!!!!
  • Laura, she is lovely. No wonder you are wanting to show her off. I hope you are settling into family life with a newborn again.

    Take care, xx

  • Shes beautiful Laura, hope you are ok x x x
  • shes lovely Laura you must be so proud. I cant believe you are back already. Big congrats to you all. Glad it went so well and that your home and healthy.
  • Congrats she looks so cute.
  • not surprised you're gushing - she's gorgeous! hope the cramping pains have settled down a bit now and it's a bit warmer.. it's freezing down here, but no proper snow..

    i bet she looked lovely in a little dress with tights, you'll have to put more pics up when you get a chance! i think girls have a much better selection of clothes in the shops, i love the little dresses with the matching knickers!! image

  • Aw she is gorgeous!! Lovely pics. Glad your both doing well x x

  • Aww, I've gone all gooey now!  She's just beautiful Laura, so glad it's all gone well and she's bf ok x
  • thanx everyone!! i will upload some on here as soon as i work out how to shrink them as they are all to big!

    I have one of her skinny lil legs in tights its soo cute xxx

  • i love your new tickers, hope the bf is still going okay..

    what does Jack think of his new little sister now?

  • its took me ages to get them up and there still being temprementalimage

    the bf going really well, sometimes she can be mean and its really uncomfortable but im really determined to keep it up and shes so content i must be doing something right, she was last fed at 1.30 just before we popped to tesco and shes still sound asleep! I rang the midwife bcoz i was worried i should wake her! lol. im so paranoid this time, i was more relaxed with jack.

    Jacks is still on and off with things one minute he wants to hug and kiss her the next he tries to push her off my lap and gets cross, i think hes just testing the boundries! He went shopping with his godparents today and had a lovely time out for lunch etc and as actually pleased to see us when they brought him home! Hes happy and behaving sleeping etc as usual so hopefully hell just accept shes here to stay soon!

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