I dropped her!!!!!!! :(

Oh god I feel so awful, I cried for about an hour. She slipped out of my hands coming out of the bath, the only dropped from my arms about two inches to the floor, she screamed for about 5 seconds and was right as rain in herself. She had a massive bump which has thankfully faded to nothing, I phoned my mum to come round to inspect it. I can't stop thinking about it, I'm just so awful!!!! Hubby is at work and on a work night out after and I didn't want to worry him if she is ok! It's a pointless post really but I'm just feeling so sad that I could have hurt her!!!! image sob!


  • Oh no!! It's easily done - I did something similar when LO was jsut starting to move around a bit more. Just focus on the fact that she is OK!! She will have worse bumps and scrapes in the years to come!!

    You aren't awful at all!!

    Keep smiling - I hope you feel better soon.

  • Ahh bless your heart! I would have cried too!!

    Slippy babies are so difficult to keep a hold of, and she is fine hun, so try not to dwell on it.

    Course you are going to feel dreadful but it was an accident... your not the first, and won't be the last.

    But your lovely little missy is perfectly fine. xxxx
  • Bless you! Last week I was bending down to pick Jason up out of his bouncy chair and because I've lost some weight all my trousers are too long and I tripped over my jeans and kicked his chair over. I had already unbuckled him and it tipped on his side and he fell out of it. He didn't fall from much of a hight but he grazed his nose and screamed for about half a hour. I was frantic! I thought I was going to be sick and my heart was pounding in my chest. It is so scary! I'm sure Sophia is fine. Have a wee cup of tea and something sweet!
  • Hi hun, I'm sure it must be awful but what matters is that she's ok. What did she bump? Accidents are always going to happen, Millie almost slided out of my hands coming out of the bath just tonight and there were 3 of us in the bathroom! Don't feel guilty hun, just keep an eye on her if she's bumped her head and call nhs direct if you have any doubts. Glad you have your mum with you. xxx
  • You're not a full fledged mother till you've dropped 'em. I dropped DD onto her head as I was putting her in her travelcot when she was about 9 months,I felt wretched but she was FINE. They are always fine, it's us who suffer I think.

    Have some choc and forgive yourself.
  • Thanks so much!!!! I rang my mum in tears, couldn't even get my words out! The bump was on the side of her head, I felt sick but it's gone now! She was just staring at me like I was nuts!!! She's asleep down here with me and I will take her up to bed when I go!!! It's amazing how robust they are, just need to find a giant piece of cotton wool now...to wrap her up in...for the rest of her life!!!! It reminds you how absolutely precious they are!!!! Thanks ladies!!! xxxx
  • Oh bless you, I'd have cried too! Like the other ladies have said it was just an accident and these things do happen. She's ok and thats the main thing - bet she's forgotten about it already!! xx
  • She was laughing on the bed two minutes later, seeing the big bump made me feel worse!!! I just kept apologising to her and asking her if she forgave me like a flippin nut!!! My poor baby!!! xxx
  • Poor you. Glad she is Ok and hope that you are too. xx
  • Hun, my ds1 has fallen down the stairs from the top TWICE and hasn't had so much as a bruise either time! Kids are very resilient and it probably bothered you more than your dd. First time he fell he had crawled and sat near the top and lost his balance and the second time he was going to walk down them and went to grab the hand rail but missed and lost his footing. Both times I blamed myself and felt awful for it, but it was an accident, as was you dropping your lo, we didn't do it on purpose and accidents happen. While they are little they don't tend to get injured through falling etc as they stay 'floppy' and don't tense, whereas we would tense out of fear if dropped or falling and would prob break a bone, kids are usually fine cos they don't tense they stay relaxed and so are not hurt, hence why your dd was fine.

    Sorry I've gone of a bit but what I'm trying to say is don't feel bad, she slipped out of your hands and it could happen to anyone.

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel

  • Awww thanks for being so lovely!!! I keep shining the light of my mobile over her head, she has a slight red mark, hope she doesn't bruise!!!! My mum said all the same things you ladies have said, my brother had third visit under 5 stamped on his hospital records because he was so accident prone. I just feel like it was my fault, I should have been more focussed on her! Your words and anecdotes have eased me greatly though!!! Thank you!!! xxxx
  • Just wait until she starts rolling off the bed, like some sort of kamikaze ninja baby!!! I've watched DD do it in slow motion, face first, TWICE now - I am officially a very bad Mummy...but these things happen, and like others have said, they are always fine 2mins later and smiling away - I swear babies are made of one third bouncy ball at this age!!image
  • hehehe lulee that made me laugh!!! I need to invest in thick wads of bubble wrap and create some kind of bubble wrap dome for her to live in!!! Kamikaze ninja baby is not wanted!!! xx
  • I used to wonder if ds1 was some sort of sadist and enjoyed inflicting pain on himself with the stunts he would do and accidents he would have, but he's 3 years and 9 months now and so far had no serious injuries and no broken bones (hope I haven't just jinxed myself). Kids seem

    to just get up and get on with it when I would be crying. I bet your dd thought you was mad and was wondering what all the fuss was about :lol:

  • Oh god Hun don't feel bad! Every mother has moments like this! And anyone that days they don't is a liar lol!

    I didn't see how old your LO was but my boy is now nearly 9 months and hes always bumping his head...he's fallen off the be twice when I've literally turned around for 1 second (they move suprisingly fast lol) I've gone to put him in his cot and smacked his head against the side...and god I felt bad but now I've realised it happens and the only thing you can do is comfort LO! Hugs!!!

    Oh and it's suprising how resilient they are! X
  • She's only 19 weeks, poor baby!!! There is barely a mark on her this morning, but I've still been checking her head, I must have shined my mobile over her about 20 times through the night to see what was developing!!! She's absolutely fine in herself and obviously has no clue what the fuss is about!!! I don't know what I'd do if she ever really hurt herself! My brother broke his arm and got a green fracture of the skull before he was 3, that was because me, the older sister used to chase him round. I'd be beside myself!!!! xxx
  • I would have been exactly the same hun, especially shining the light of the phone to check if the bump us growing :lol: my ds1 cut his fingertip on a tin while at his nans, the tip of his finger was hanging off and the cut was incredibly deep and pouring with blood, my husband and I met him at a&e and ds1 was in a right state crying and screaming. When the nurses looked at his finger he cried the most heartbreaking cry I've ever heard. There was talk of anaesthetic, going to theatre, plastic surgery, I was terrified and could very easily have cried with him tbh, it broke my heart seeing him in so much pain and in such a state. As it happened they put some butterfly stitches on it (they didn't want to do normal stitches unless they really had to as with him only being 3 he would have to go under anaesthetic!) and a full hand bandage and he had it on for weeks, he sobbed and screamed whenever the nurse changed it and it killed me to see it, but I had to do it cos that's what we're here for. Us mummy's have a very tough job, we have no choice but to be there for our kids when they hurt themselves and we have to be brave for their sakes, even if we do feel like crying with them. We have such a hard job cos we are expected to just put on a brave face and get on with it.

    Sorry I've gone off again, lol. The point I'm trying to make is that you will cope with any accidents and you will just 'get on with it' cos you're a mummy and that's what we do, we seem to have something built into us that just handles crisis hun and we go into autopilot.
  • Ah, poor you. I have been victim to the bed roll - on holiday on to a hard, cold floor! Screamed for a few secs and then was fine. Me on the other hand, took about a week to get over the trauma! x
  • That's the thing isn't it, they will always get into scrapes, lots of kids get broken bones- I would be heartbroken if she really did hurt herself! Eeeek so there is more to come then!? Thank God I'm not alone!!!! Ahhh motherhood! xxx
  • aw babe.....i know how you feel, its awful but it happens..we are only human and like you have said they are so rebust (still amazes me)

    I dropped sammy the other day, i was poorly and dizzy, luckily i was sat on the floor so he wasnt hurt...but then ive slammed jacks fingers in the door b4, i nearly threw up there and then....its awful. But thats our motherly instict kicking in....we wouldnt be who we are if we didnt....like you say babe, shes fine, rebust and knows no dif...glad your mum could come check her tho, good to ut your mind at rest. No like has bn said, just concentrate on the fact she ok, maybe ectra cuddles just for you tho image
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