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Where the hell are all their stretch marks?!

Ladies....I need to have a rant! I am SICK of seeing all these photos of celebs on their holidays over Christmas with their children, wearing bikinis - and not a bloody stretch mark on any of them! How the he'll do they ALL manage it?

Despite slathering myself in special stretch mark cream from the second I knew I was pregnant, I am literally covered in stretch marks! Every doctor or nurse that checked my tummy whilst I was pregnant, commented on my stretch marks, calling them my tiger stripes! I have hundreds, from the bottom of my tummy up to practically my boobs!

I'm now use to them, but shall never be wearing a bikini again! But I feel like I'm the only person who got them really bad!!!!


  • apparantly stretch marks are heriditary so if your mother and siblings had them then you'll get them!!! I I don't have a single stretch mark after having ds. My mother had 3 children and didn't have them and my sister had 4 and hasn't a single stretch mark either

    I don't believe that all the celebrities have the gene where you don't develop them tho, so there must be some procedure on the market that removes them at a cost!!!

    I do remember seeing a picture of jerry hall in a bikini a few years back and she was covered in stretch marks but this was in a tabloid paper whereas if you saw her in a mag shoot all the marks would have been airbrushed away!! I'd say most of the celebs have been airbrushed for photographic work so their not "real" pictures!!!

    Just look at your stretch marks as a map to your gorgeous baby!!!
  • Oooh I know exactly how you feel im covered in them from my first and am now pregnant with my second and they're creeping higher up!

    I think your either prone to them or not and they prob have some sort of really exspensive treatments whilst pregnant and after that's so out of our league we haven't even heard of it.

    I dont know how old your LO is but mine did fade so much it did take over a year and by that point they hardly even bothered me.
  • I must admit I have had this same thought!!!! I am covered!!!! Then again, my friend has had two kids and has none!!! I knew I would get them though as I got loads during puberty! I really can't look at these celebs parading on the beach after giving birth, I think they have tummy tucks too!!!!
  • I am very lucky not to have any stretch marks and Jason was nearly 10 lbs! My mum didn't have any after 5 babies but both my sisters have them pretty bad. I think its just luck of the draw. I'm going with photo shop for celebrities though!
  • I know the feeling! My bikini wearing days are long behind me! Thing is, I am sure they are bloody multiplying! :roll:
  • The celebs are airbrushed!!!

    I agree that there's not much you can do to avoid stretch marks. If you're going to get the you're going to get them. I was religious with the creams during my first pg and still got loads and so didn't really bother with my 2nd and they didn't seem any worse than first time round tbh. I especially hate the ones on my ridiculously saggy boobs after bfing image

    One vague bit of hope is that they do fade over time so with a bit of a pre-emptive fake tan I will brave a bikini next summer image
  • I thought I had got away without getting any stretch marks but mine came after my DS was born. Mine are on the bottom of my tummy and around my hips and then really really bad on my thighs and bum.

    I don't know how the celebs get away with it, they are prob airbrushed but having said that none of the mums in my water babies class seem to have any stretch marks. Most of them wear bikinis and look amazing. I am very jealous.
  • Wif - really?! I haven't taken my baby girl swimming yet, but if everyone is parading around in bikinis, I won't bother!

    My baby is only 16 weeks, so I know that they will fade, but they are pretty horrific! I'm not sure if it's the stretch marks, or the 2 extra stone that I'm carrying that's out me off going swimming haha!

    Oh how I wish we could snap our fingers and just get our pre baby bodies back!
  • They are all airbrushed! Also most of them have c sections and tummy tucks cause I had my baby privately in London and was asked if I wanted to do that!! X
  • My tummy is ruined!!! My mum is stretch mark free, so not fair
  • Yep I would say probably 75% of them are in bikinis.

    Not that at my local pool though. I hope I haven't put you off. Maybe I am just in a class of very very lucky mummies.
  • this is exactly how i feel looking at the bumps thread in due in march! i think im the only one with stretch marks!

    i got them with my first, and now they have extensions!!!
  • celebs are airbrushed. always!

    i have one strecth mark on my right boob from having my daughter. no others. image

    i put on weight slowly too, as people were always commenting on how small my bump was (baby was 8lb though), so maybe putting on weight slowly has something to do with it too as the skin isnt stretched so fast. i was about 10 and a half stone at 40 weeks, so only put on 2 stone and it was gradual.
  • just to add, i do know of someone (sister in law of a friend) who had cosmetic surgery on hers as they were that bad. not in this country though, she went abroad for it.
  • Perhaps celebs employ someone to have their stretch marks for them.
  • sounds like a good plan... Apparently wet nurses are being used again in LA
  • I didn't get any with either of mine but my mum is covered so it can't be hereditary!
  • Charlie was 9lb 10oz plus I had horrendous polyhydramnious and odema. I was absolutely huge and now weigh 5 stone less than the day before he was born! If stretch marks were my only worry then I would be laughing. Despite being the lightest I've been since before I got pregnant with Abby (3 years ago) I have a huge floppy bit of skin full of stretch marks, folds etc. My belly button is lost in the centre of it. image
  • i was lucky as i escaped with none but then i did have dd nearly 8 weeks early so this may have helped. i weighed my self the morning before she was born and i had only put on a stone exactly so that may have helped too.

    the one good thing about having a premmie is less weight to lose after. i gave birth on the thursday night and went home on the sunday morning and was back in my pre pg jeans on the sunday. just 3 days after i was only 4lb heavier than when i got pg. by the time dd came home after 19 days in scbu i was half a stone lighter than when i got pg.
  • I was fine up until about 39 weeks with dd1 but the second I went overdue they all materialised!! And the ones on my boobs didn't appear until I was breast feeding and they ballooned in size!! Ah well it's just part of being a mummy image
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