My lo is 20 weeks old and is suffering with constipation at the moment. He's obviously in discomfort with it and is not having much milk as he should as a result. I was at the doctors on friday about another matter and asked what I could do and he said try brown sugar in water!!! I'm sure we're not supposed to give babies sugar. Am I wrong in thinking that? Anyway I've tried massaging his tummy like I learned in baby massage class and have tried to give him water which he will NOT take. Have you any other suggestions?



  • I'm not sure if you FF, but there is often a comfort formula that is supposed to help constipation that might be worth a try?

  • Have you got an old school doctor? My mum was given that advice when i was a baby and i am 27! No i wouldn't recommend giving babies sugar. Are you BF OR FF? If you are FF'ing then you could try switching to comfort milk which helps constipation? My lo is 7 months refuses to drink water and the comfort milk really helps xx
  • Thanks girls. I am ff now so might give the comfort formula a go. I went to see this doctor when I was struggling with breast feeding to see if he could give me something to increase my supply. He said there was nothing he could do and I should see it from the mans prospective and that it might be nice for my husband to do some feeding. At the time I just took it but thinking back I should have spoken to someone else insteasd of feeling all the guilt of giving up bf.
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