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Sleeping bag question


My little boy is 5 weeks old, and he was given a 0-6 month 2.5 tog sleeping bag as a birth present.

Given that that will in theory do him till September, and we live in south-east London, does anyone know if that level of togs will be okay for the summer? I suppose we can adjust his clothing slightly - he currently always has a sleepsuit and vest, even when we had that hot spell, we just reduced his. Blankets.

We need to decide whether to exchange it soon, so thought I'd garner thoughts now...




  • We've just stopped using our LO's 2.5 tog sleeping bags and moved onto 1 tog.

    If you have a look here: you can see what level of clothing should be used with the different togs of sleeping bag, based on the temperature of the room.

    I found in the warm weather we had to put our LO in just a short sleeved vest and her 1 tog sleeping bag, but now it's gotten cooler again she's in sleepsuit/short sleeved vest and sleeping bag.

    If I was you I'd probably change it to a 1 tog as you'll get more use out of it, and they're a bit more versatile for the spring/summer (it's easier to add layers underneath a 1tog than remove layers from underneath a 2.5 tog).

    K x
  • it depends what temp it is, for a while we had a 2.5 but with LO just in a vest, then we had a 1 tog and vest then when we had all that really hot weather it was just a nappy
  • We're using a 1tog now with the warmer weather. Personally, I'd exchange it either for a 1 tog or for a 2.5 tog in a biggar size.

  • Thanks girls! Will have a word with the SIL tomorrow about exchanging it!
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