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Piercing at 2 months ? is it too early?

So do u think piercing ears of a 55 day baby is too early?


  • I wont have my little girls ears pierced until she is old enough to understand that it will take looking after and care and also not before she asked for them done! I think its cruel. Just my own opinion
  • I'm not keen on it either but each to their own x
  • I'm not keen on the idea. My eldest is 5 and still hasn't had them pierced. I will let her have them done when she asks but I want her to understand how to care for them and keep them clean. I couldn't put my baby through that I feel guilty enough after injections and they are necessary.
  • Personally I won't consider it till my daughter is old enough to understand about it & look after them by herself. I'm not a big fan of them on babies either but I know in some countries & communities it's seen as the norm.

  • Hi ladies..

    I understand that piercing ears may sound cruel, but isn't it better to get an infant's ears pierced (by doctor) when it won't understand much pain compared to when the child grows up to be a teenager and then the ears are pierced.
  • I understand where your coming from. No doctor where I live do ear piercing but I still wouldn't consider it even if they did. Watching my baby scream for what for me would be something cosmetic is cruel. I personally think it is unecessary and I don't think it looks right on young children. I want it to be a choice my children make. My eldest still has no interest in having her ears pierced. I personally have quite a few piercing which have all been a decision made by me. X
  • I have never heard of a doctor around me piercing babies! I was 9 when I had mine done and asked for them to be done. I agree with tink89 I see it as purely cosmetic and not something I agree with!
  • Piercing is not cosmetic. It is more of a part of culture. Girls need to get their ears pierced anyway, so why do it when they are 13 or 14. Imagine the amount of pain at that time.
  • I think that is a very generalised comment. Like I said in MY OPINION piercings are cosmetic they have no factor in my culture. Piercing is a choice and not something that girls need to do. I appreciate your opinion but I don't think they apply to everybody. Neither of my daughters will have piercing if they don't want them. I think the pain factor is completly different as teenager it is a choice they make with a full understanding / expectation of what to expect. A baby does not want or choose the pain and has no idea why it is happening.
  • i had mine pierced when i was 13 and i can honestly say that i wasnt traumatised by the pain. It was more like a discomfort, but i think part of that is because i was psychologically prepared for it.

    I actually think that as a teenager you can manage the pain/discomfort better because you know it's something you've chosen to do, it's only a brief pain, and it's not a sign of danger etc.

    A baby will find it so much more frightening and traumatic because they'll have no idea what is happening or what it means.

    I don't mean to be rude but you can't really believe that babies feel less pain??!!!
  • I appreciate all your opinions but wanted to give my example. All my friends wear pretty earnings and I can't.

    Because my ears are not pierced and I am very scared and will be in a trauma if I do it. All my friend's mommies got their babies ear pierced at infant stage but my mum didn't and I always feel, I wish my ears were pierced when I was a baby.
  • Kia,

    it seems as though your mind is made up going by the arguments back to the ladies who have gone to the time & effort of replying to you. It therefore seems unneccessary that you asked this question in the first place or that people bother to reply with their opinions when it appears you dont really want them

    for what its worth i also agree with the ladies above in feeling very uneasy about the idea of doing this. also, certainly in any of the countries that i have lived in / have friends in, i know that no doctor would pierce a child's ears as it is not a necessary medical procedure.

    at the end of the day the decision is yours to make & live with so the important thing is that you are happy and comfortable with it.

  • Kia, as an adult (especially if you've had a baby - or twins) it barely hurts to get your own ears pierced. If you want yours done then get them done but personally I wouldn't do it to a baby as you're permanently putting holes in your babies ears when they might not want them. Wait till they're old enough to understand & look after them.

    Hope you gets yours done as I think this is where the problem lies.

  • After reading all the replies, I realise 2 months is too early and feel I need to wait for some time and would get my twin's ears pierce when they turn 6months.
  • Female genital mutilation is a cultural thing as well - doesn't make it right. No one "needs" to have their ears pierced or their clitoris and labia removed. 2 months or 6 months isn't going to make a difference. Why not stop being a wuss, get your own ears pierced and decide then?

  • When DD was born in Spain they pierced all newborn baby girls shortly after birth

  • Even here, doctors pierce most of the newborn's ears. But the choice is with parents.
  • @edmontonkitty

    Surely you realise the difference between removing labia and piercing ears.

    Ear piercing is for the baby's own good. And anyways they need to put earings on their marraige, so they HAVE to get their ears pierced.

    I lost out on so many suitable guys for marraige, just because my ears were not pierced.
  • You do not have to have you ears pierced to get married, It is called clip on earrings. Also, i'm pretty sure you didn't miss out on marriage cuz your ears weren't pierced. I didn't even wear earrings the day I got married, and my husband still loves me just the same. When you get married the guy is not looking at your ears, nor is he marrying you because your ears are pierced. I don't know how old you are, but you sound kinda young. Your babies need to make their own decision on whether or not to get their ears pierced. Tattoos are a part of some cultures too, but you don't see people actually tattooing babies. Let your children decide for themselves. Your ear wear it gets pierced is only cartilage if done by a professional, you will barely even feel it happen, so go get it done on yourself not your children.  

  • This seems like a cultural issue rather than pain or choice.  The marriage comment is a worrying one when there are so many issues in the world to worry about.  I had my ears pierced when I was seven and I remember the quite frightening experience, even though I had asked for it.  My daughter is three and when she is old enough to make the choice, understand the consequences, and live with the aftermath, then she can do it.  Surely that goes for all decisions whatever they are and whatever age you make them.  Anyway, like others, I suggest you get your ears pierced and stop reflecting your issues onto your children. 

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