Refreezing fish once cooked


I bought some fish the other day that had to be used by today. I have not had chance to use it yet so I have just put it in the freezer.

Once I have defrosted it, cooked it and used it in a receipe can it be refrozen again?


  • i wouldn't hesitate in doing so. Just dispose if it is slimey or really smelly when you defrost and make sure it is piping hot when you reheat from frozen xx
  • hi ya i brought some fish a few weeks back and froze it straight away and then made a fish pie and have re-frozen it again and i did it with macey too and she way fine so i would say yes xx
  • Thanks - its all so confusing!!!
  • dont want to burst your bubble but im an environmental health officer and you must never re freeze something that has already been frozen, too many opportunities as the food cools, freezes and reheats for bacteria to grow, also you must never reheat something twice

    would hate anyone to get sick esp as i dont know if you have babies or are pregnant, im ttc but noticed your post on the main page xx
  • hmmmm, i understand that is the correct thing to do, however i do it all the time....... and i've never been ill. Surely it's down to common sense! I would never be able to make anything for the freezer if i couldn't refreeze.
    All the same, it's good to know the official stance and i guess we should just be careful.......
    I also make up bottles of milk and store them in the fridge........
    But thanks chic, i didn't realise you weren't suposed to and will be extra careful in future image
  • see thats what confuses me.

    I know I couldn't defrost the fish and then refreeze it again but I thought once it had been cooked the properties had changed hence why it could be refrozen!?!

    Confused .com!
  • You can defrost food and refreeze it again once it's been cooked, cooking thoroughly destroys any bacteria.


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  • thinking about it, i used to work for a major food manufacturer who would freeze meats/fish/dairy etc, then cook them up into the product, that was then sold frozen....... hmmm very
  • I think you can only refreeze frozen vegetables... dont think you're meant to do it with anything else - even if you make a chicken stock and freeze it you can't then defrost it, put it in a recipe and then freeze that...
  • Oooh, thanks for this! I made some of Adam's fish dinners with frozen fish and re-froze them. I think I'll bin them just in case x
  • did not mean to cause wide spread panic, lol, ill quickly cover a few of the basics

    if you freeze meat or fish close to their use by date thats raw then you only have a rough 24 window to cook it in and kill any bacteria, always ensure you defrost overnight in the fridge as this is a controlled temp and lowers the amount of bacteria that can grow

    never re freeze anything that has been previously frozen, cooked or raw.

    most meals thay have been frozen previously will advise you on the packet whether they have been frozen before and will advise whether or not they can be frozen again

    only ever reheat something once, dont reheat something, let it cool and then reheat the left overs the next day

    if you want to extend the shelf life of any product before you freeze it then cook it first and then freeze, defrost overnight in the fridge and then cook, this has to be eaten when cooked and not cooled down and reheated as it has already been cooked twice

    its not the freezing thats the problem normally, its how its cooled and defrosted that cause the problems and when the bacteria multiply

    always keep raw meat and fish at the bottom of the fridge away from any ready to eat foods

    there is massive amount of info on the fsa website that gives great help and advice

    90% of food poisoning comes from the home and mainly because of poor practices when people dont really realise what they are doing wrong

    hope i have helped put a few things straight, no one wants sick mummies and babies!!

  • Thanks for that Chic. I have looked on the FSA website and it said you could refreeze previously frozen food once cooked:

    'If you defrost raw meat or fish and then cook it thoroughly, you can freeze it again, but remember never reheat foods more than once'

  • thanks mrs calopa, thats grand in the home i expect but we dont recommend it for food businesses as too many controls would be needed at each stage to ensure the safety of food

    glad you got the bit about only reheating once

    safe eating xx
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