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July 2015 Babies 😊

Dear all,

I was thinking about a thread where we can share our thoughts regarding our babies (born in July 2015). I am a first time mum and thought this could be fun and helpful for all of us ☺️

I have a baby boy - born in July. What about you? ☺️ xx


  • It seems that I am the only one that has a baby born in July 2015 😏 

  • *who 😁

  • Hello Mirela. We might know one of two people who post/posted on here who have July 15 babies. We'll give them a little poke for you! (Bear with us: might take us a couple of days!)

  • Thank you, Helen ☺️ I just thought it would be nice to share our experience ☺️ Beeing a first time mum can be scary sometimes 😀

  • Hi mirela I had my little boy in July but he was 10 weeks premature and 945g, he's healthy and doing ever so well! 😊

  • Oh, bless him! I am glad he is fine 💗

    How much does he weigh now? 😊

  • He currently weighs 8lb 6oz at 17 weeks old 💞

  • Oh, my! A big boy now ☺ 

    Do you have any ideas of presents for his first Christmas? I bought some baby books at the moment and I am considering a Jumperoo 😊 otherwise, I am stuck 😀 

    Here is my little Andy image

    When he was 2 weeks old 😊


  • Ah bless hes lovely. Iv brought him a couple of books, a batman walker and some cuddly toys but besides that I can't think of what else to get him. How much does your little one weigh now? image

  • He's so sweet xx

    Andy weighs 17 lb, he is 20 weeks old and really long (he is already in 6-9 months clothes). 

    Have you started thinking about weaning? I am dreading it (if he is picky like me, I don't know what I will do lol). 

    What are you using for teething? Xx

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