What should I buy?

I wonder if anyone could help. I want to go out and buy some baby clothes but as a first time mum what should I buy so I have a variety of things when baby arrives? What sizes should I get? Sorry to be thick but it's my first time!!! :\)


  • Ive found that to start off with babies stay in a vest with a babygro over the top. It is nice to buy all the other outfits but you'll find that a lot of ppl will give these as presents and its the essentials you're left without. I would get some newborn size and some 0-3 month size but not too many cos they grow so quick. If you do want to buy proper outfits then get a bigger size but bear the weather in mind.
    I always make a point of buying a nice outfit for the hospital so he/she can come home looking cute!!
  • hi you not being thick!!!! im a first time mum and i havent got a clue either!! i was stood in mothercare thinking do i buy new baby,tiny baby or 0-3 months? so i didnt buy any!! i have had a lot of stuff given me from a cousin and its a good job cos its an expensive do!! i have been given the advise that you can never have enoughbaby grows or jump suits as people tend to buy cute clothes for baby that he/she prob wont wear much!!! so get a few of each size as they not too expensive. my friends are putting togther a basket full of essentials such as cotton wool lotion etc which will be very useful! and me and my partner buy the odd thing when we go shopping just to top it up. enjoy buying stuff i am i waited until i was nearly 6 months gone as i was paranoid somat was going wrong!! now i love buying stuff!!!!!!!!!!! hope this helps hun xx
  • Do you know what you are having? or will you be buying white? When are you due?
    You will need- vests. baby grows, for sleeping in I would say get at LEAST 7 of each as you will get through them with leaky nappies and sicky baby!!!
    You could buy a few cute little out fits aswell.... You wont want to buy too much as baby wont be in it for long and you will be given so much as gifts.
    Will you need a coat? booties/socks/hats/ bibs.......
  • I'm due on May 30th and I don't know what we're having yet it will be a big surprise!
  • We are due round the same time then... and I dont know what Im having either.... I have lots of white out fits from my first daughter as I didnt find out with her either.....Got them all out the other day and was thinking to my self I have all of this BUT would like to buy a new outfit for baby to come home from hospital in..... any excuse to shop (I dont need to really) I havent really got much to buy this time at all I have all of elysha things if its a girl -but if its a boy it will be a big shopping spree on blue things!!!! I do want to buy a new pram and ababy carrier- dont need to buy cot or crib and bouncer etc.... as I have it from last time.... I already bought the steriliser got it last week....
    It so exciting not knowing what it is in there cant wiat it seems to be going by sooo fast for me how about you???
  • It does seem to be going much more quickly now and I can believe it's not that long to go! I need to do some serious shopping!
  • What else should I get in terms of nappies / wipes / cotton wool etc? What sort of lotions do I need etc? I just don't know where to start really, is there a definitive list anywhere that might help me? :\?
  • Most hospitals like you to use cotton woolballs and water, when changing nappies so pack cootonwool in your hospital bag when it gets to that stage!! I have bought a couple of packs of newborn nappies already but will get more, but it may be worth buying the next size up aswell so you have a mixture. (huggies or pampers are best ) johnson baby bath, talc, wipes you can never have enough of them you use them for so long so stock up!! You could get some baby oil or a moisturiser for baby as their skin does sometimes get a little dry..... um trying to think what else....creams just incase they get a sore bottom like sudocreme or something like that....
  • Thank you so much for your help!
  • when you start stocking up on wipes/baby bath do it while they're on bogoff/ 3 for 2 offers... Also you only need to buy baby bath. my friend used baby bath, then baby shampoo & baby soap too to make sure her daughter was 'clean' then wondered why she had very dry skin & eczema!! I told her to scrap everything for a couple of weeks and only use water, then just use a gentle baby bath (I use asda's own or johnson's baby bath ), her dry skin/eczema cleared up straight away!! :\) also don't buy loads of newborn because if you end up with a 8/9lb baby (fingers crossed you don't lol :\) ) they won't be in them for long.. Xxx
  • Thanks for asking this question as this is my first and I'm not sure what to get either. I've been looking through the mothercare catalogue thinking ahhhh I don't know what to get. There are so many versions of the same thing and its gets so confusing. Thanks everyone for making it easier ;\)
  • if your really unsure and you dont mind second hand stuff, ebay is ggreat for baby bundles and they tend to have alot of what you will need, i got a couple of bundles and bought new also, and i have to say half the stuff i got in the bundles i wouldnt have thought of!! this is my second time! the babies r us catalogue has a pull out thing of the basics you will need if this helps, also, you could ask people to get you adams/mothercare vouchers, so when baby is here, anything you may have forgot can be bought with your vouchers? tk care, im sure youll be fine xxx i think clothes wise all thats really needed at first is rompers, sleepsuits and vests! as these are soft and comfy xx and scratch mitts of course!
  • Thanks you carlielane for your suggestions......I'm off to ebay now!!
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