London Sealife

Hi I am going to LOndon Sealife aquarium on the 3rd of march for my birthday as I have always wanted to go, but i have a 7 month old baby and off course will need to bottle feed and use a pushchair, my mum spent a lot of money on the tickets and my babysitter and back up babysitters are all busy that day! I was just wondering if a pushchair was okay in the sealife centre, and is there a cafe/restaurent that would be happy to give me a jug of hot water if needed? I dont want to be miles away from home unable to heat up a bottle of milk for my baby! I havea  tommee tipppee bottle warmer flask, but once a bottle or 2 has been heated with that water it goes too cold to use again.. I need somewhere/someone to refill my flask with hot water! I sound silly I know but I jsut want to be prepared!


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