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  • Congratulations MickeyS on the birth of Ailbhía - how are you feeling a few days on? 

    And how is everyone coping with all the visitors? 

  • Hi ladies, sorry for the silence! It’s been a crazy few weeks! 

    Congrats MickeyS! So exciting that all our August babies are coming and growing so quickly! 

    Lizzielouise I am the same, dreading it! we haven’t got a date yet tho.

    It seems George has a cows milk intolerance so I have given up dairy, just about getting used to soya milk haha. He’s been so much better and less fussy so it’s worth it if it makes him feel better! We have ours GP 6 week review next week so going to see what they say. 

    We are going through the ‘wonder week’ at the moment I think... he’s been really clingy and barely slept for the last few days! I think I’ve managed about 3 hours sleep a night for the last week! Anyone have any experience of this Wonder week At 4/5 weeks? Please tell me it gets better! 

  • image

    Photo of our little person at 4.5 weeks! getting Bigger! 

  • Aww helscee 

    my friend had to do that to and she is gutted. 

    I have my 6 week review today cant believe she is six weeks today. Little one is suffering bad silent reflux and now has a cold to feel so bad for her as you can hear how hard her breathing is through her nose. Finished my antibiotics Sunday but still having issues so got a feeling I’ll be put on more today hoping not coz my stomach can’t handle another lot of them like.

    been getting giggles off Eloise but only in her sleep it’s so funny and cute. Not getting smiles yet but I was told she might be delayed with been so early so hopefully won’t be to long. 

    Helscee I have been lucky Eloise screams all night feeds loads but as soon as it hits half 11 she is out for the count till 5 then is up fed and back down till about 8-9 so I can’t complain with sleep 

  • Lizzie how did ur 6 week review go? 

    Silent reflux must be horrible. And a cold on tops crap. My girl has such trouble with wind. She screams every night for hours. I wear her in the carrier to try and keep her upright as much as poss. Your sleep sounds amazing. Enyas up every 2 hours at night not even for milk.. Sometimes she wakes just for a cuddle.  but will go 4 hours sleep in the day.... 

    I cant wait for the smiles. looks gorgous. Iv not heard of the wonder week. I think every weeks a wonder week theres always something new... Role with it.. Iv been manging 4 hours sleep a night cant wait till the longer stints come in. 

    Thats great hes less fussy makes such a difference. 

    Hope everyone else is ok xxxxxx

  • Hi Vonnie, we used to do this with my babies as they suffered with horrendous wind, and it really helped. 

    Hold baby with one hand under each of her armpits so you are holding her stretched out, facing you. 
    You want her legs to drop down, so she stretches out - her legs dangling beneath her. Gently sway her from side to side, so her legs swing - the idea is, if she stretches her whole body out, it helps the wind move up and pass - do hope it works for you and let me know if this makes sense! We found it really worked for us, so fingers crossed! 

  • vonnie it was fine just lots of questions asked etc and did another swab should hear back soon if the infection is still there. 

    Oh girls I just got my first period it’s awful, the cramps are so bad I was up more than Eloise last night with them.

    have you tried gripe water it’s a life saviour and you can use it from 1 month old or infacol hat can be used from birth 

  • Thanks Danielle.

    Its so hard isnt it. Horrible to see your baby in pain. I will give that a go tonight 😊 fingers crossed. Also visitors have been much better this time. With my son we had sooooo many everyday was busy for weeks and i didnt feel like i could cuddle him all to myself as everyone only handed him back when he cryed... Some of our visitors refered to me as food not mum which really annoyed me but i was sticter this time and its been way more chilled and we limited visits to about a hour such a better visiting experience this time xxxx

  • Sorry lizzie page didnt refresh. 

    Oh no poor you im not loooking forward to my first period. Did you always suffer bad cramps? If not would it be worth popping to dr? Defo dont need bad nights to cramps with a newborn. I used to suffer bad but they got better after my son. 

    I tryed infracol but didnt help. I though gripe water was 3 months didnt realise it was a month will try that as shes a month today glad 6 week check went well!! Xxxxx

  • Hi girls, hope you and babies are all keeping well. Haven't been on in ages, been so busy with the kids and my baby boy. Honestly I haven't had a minute. 

    Hard to believe all our babies are now here, summer is over and next on the list will be halloween. Although I went to Tesco today and seen Christmas stuff for sale!!!!! 

    Matthew goes for his first set of injections next week. Hopefully all will go well.

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're all doing well? Please do let us know what's happening in your World. 

    We were wondering if you might have any wise words for a new member: she has a 1 week old baby and is feeling very low and like she hasn't bonded with her baby. Her thread is here, if you can offer a hand hold. Thank you ☺️

  • Oh vonnie bless you, 4 hours sleep at night is tough. It's good that Enya sleeps through the day a bit though, I hope you can get a bit of rest then in between your other little one!

    George has awful wind too, it's so horrible to watch them suffer, I just tried your trick Danielle and George has settledish now, thank you for the tip!! We tend to find a warm bath helps G too, he always stops his screams when we pop him in. 

    Lizzie glad your 6 week check went well! Fingers crossed you're finaly on the mend. I'm really not lookin forward to my first period, poor you. Maybe the cramps are stronger because of the infection? Worth asking hv or gp I reckon, hope it gets better for you though.

    I think we're through the 'wonder week', it's supposedly where they are developing their smiles and starting to see things clearly for the first time! It was SO lovely to see George's first smile, now he's always smiling bless him. 6 weeks old tomorrow its mad.

    You're right kgraham summer has definitely gone now! I'm happy though, finally less heat haha. I haven't seen any xmas stuff yet thank god but I'm already excited about dressing George up for halloween lol.

  • Hi Ladies! Gosh the weeks with our babies are flying aren’t they 😥

    Mia is nearly 4 weeks! She doesn’t sleep at all 😩 and hates being put down. I’ve ordered a sleeping bag to try in the hope it makes her feel more secure in her bedside crib! 

    Im also glad summer is over, i can’t wait to get all the big knitted jumpers out and boots! 

    Mia is very good at bringing up her wind, but she still seems to be suffering a little with some sort of reflux. I think this may be why she doesn’t like lying flat on her back!? Infacol is helping a little, but she cries every evening between 7 and 9 at the min and it’s so hard to settle her and is uncomfortable after her feeds. 

    How are you all finding maternity leave!? Has anyone tried a baby massage class or anything yet? My partner went back to work this week so I’ve been trying to get out to keep my 2 year old entertained! 

  • Hi guys! Havnt posted in so long but always ready posts!

    I second gripe water its a god send, i also had someone out to do baby massage yday, rosie basically cried through the full thing but did do a littlw trump, then had bath after.

    Rosies not had a middle of the night bottle for about a week and a half now! She did have around five days where she would wake up and stir, dummy in and back off which was great but then unfortunatly shes had cold and its messed her all up so has been in mamas bed for a cpl days! Last night however had last bottle at twelve, took till about one to settle her and then slept withoit stir or dummy till eight so maybe baby massage did work!! I obv woke up in a panic as you do!

    Hopefully same again tonight but she has her injections tomo and i worry tht will throw her off again! 

    Whoever was wondering about sleeping bag...i had a swaddle me pod which was great then she grew out of and yday bought groswaddle which again was great, jist need a vest underneath as to avoid overheating

    Hope youre all well! Xxxxxx

  • image8 weeks tomo! Xx

  • imageimage

    Hello all,

    sorry it had been ages since I last posted! My little boy, Henry, was born Wednesday 22nd August at 12:33pm weighing 6lb 3.5oz by planned c section as he was breech. We had a difficult start with feeding and spent the first week in hospital because he lost so much weight which was really tough on me. He is slowly gaining weight and is now only 4.8% below birth weigh. Today he is 3 weeks old, second picture was taken yesterday and he’s gorgeous and becoming more alert and is looking around!

    Just had a quick read of the messages, your babies are so cute and look so content! So glad to be able to catch up and feel reassured I am not alone! However I am struggling with knowing what to dress him in to ensure he is warm enough especially as the weather so changeable but am just trying to trust my mummy instinct but being a first time mum its all very scary! 

    Am hoping to get into a routine in time at the moment just going with the flow but breast feeding then top up feeding to ensure he gets enough and gains weight is tough but I’m keeping going. Thankfully my surgical scare has healed really well and I have been able to be really mobile and able to look after my baby!

    Best wishes to you all xx

  • Hey guys sorry not been on for a while am finally all mended thank god.

    eloise is still struggling with constipation her tummy is all swollen and the laxatives are not working so it will be back to the doctors Monday after her injections. She is suffering reflux and colic to so am having awful days with her but lucky enough at night so am getting plenty sleep. 

    Am thinking of trying a different milk for her she is on cow and gate with gaviscon in it but think I might try the one for reflux to see if that will help. 

    Eloise finally gets her progress check in 2 weeks we had to wait until she is 10 weeks old because of her been premature they make it by when they should of been born and not when she was actually born but am finally getting little smiles now and then and she copy’s when I stick my tounge out at her. She still doesn’t make baby noises yet though so hopefully she will soon. 

    How is everyone getting on with their babies hope there all well. 

  • Oh and here she is plotting something last night lol. 


  • Hey!! Hows everyone? 

    Lovely photo s and updates. 

    Havent been on for a while my 19 month old broke his leg. I was knackered and forgot to strap him in the buggy which he slipped out of and somehow landed on his leg wrong. Went to a and e and its broken. I couldn't believe it and obviously have been feeling sooooooo guilty ever since. Poor things never screamed so much. Not really managing with enya who wont be put down in the day and euan who isnt allowed to put weight on his cast. We got so caught as we were out for a walk enya woke and wanted milk so i had to get a stranger to give her a bottle luckily she accepted and i had one for an emergency so i could console euan. It was horrible. 

    Anyways enya had a 6 week check and is doing really well. Still very windy but shes gaining weight well. 

    Hope you ladies are all well xxxxxxxx

  • Oh vonnie 

    don’t feel guilty these things happen my niece broke her leg just by going down a slide it’s so easy done. Eloise was the same for a while wouldn’t be put down at all but I changed her milk and she refused to take it but my friend said to change the test size to a bigger one so the thickened milk could get through and found since yesterday she has taken it well and seem so much more settled so far but we will give it the 10 days they say to see if it really helps or not. 

    Well her needles were Monday and I broke my heart hearing her scream like she did it was so upsetting for me and her. Poor toot screamed all day long even in her sleep by bath time at night she was better and settled for bed like normal was a bit on the winge side on the Tuesday but today seems herself again and then we have to do it all again in 4 weeks.

    i can’t wait for her to get her 6 week check hers was delayed until she was 10 weeks because of been premature they go by what she she should of been if she was born on time and not early so just 2 weeks to go. She is finally smiling a little now and babbles but not very much yet so hoping it will all come soon 

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