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December 2019 Babies


This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in December 2019 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in December 2019 birth club thread so far, but have a baby born around December 2019, do please feel free to post and join in. 

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  • Hi. Thank you 😊 

    look forward to chatting to you lovely mummy’s. 
  • Hi there - having been reading all your journeys so far on the forum so it feels like I already know you all! Felt kinda stalker-ish, so thought I would join in the conversation 😊

    I’m 38 and had my amazing (if not diva-like) daughter by elective section on 16 December 2019. I also have a son, who is almost 6 and arrived into the world by emergency section, who loves his new sister to bits, but he has also been playing up something rotten 🤯 I know it is just an adjustment period, but still hard.

    Still not used to being up at these awful hours for feeding, etc, lol. Just trying to enjoy every moment (good and bad) as I know they grow up quickly - but difficult sometimes when so tired!

    Hope all you mummies, daddies, babies and their siblings are all well, happy and getting enough sleep! xx

  • Hi all, I'd love to chat here too.

    Casey is month old now. Been a tough couple of days where he is pretty much feeding non stop and only sleeping for really short periods of time. It's tough going. Just have to remind myself that we'll get through it. And as @OneBoyOneGirl said, we need to enjoy every moment. This month has already flown by. 

    I have a 2 year old boy too. Luckily, he isn't put out by his new brother. 

    Any of you using baby carriers? If you are, any recommendations? I'm thinking of going for a baby carrier instead of a wrap. Just easier to use, I think.
  • hey! I have a little boy who is 5 weeks old today called Charlie. We have had a rough 3 weeks with him where he was constantly crying! We assumed colic so bought Dr Brown bottles, changed to comfort milk & colic drops but still no avail. Then one day I decided to do him just kettle bottles (rather than the prep machine) and he’s a totally different baby! We have a happy little boy now and I feel so relieved and happy. 

    We googled it and the prep machine was known to cause tummy issues, our machine was spotless including the pipes in the back. It was the air bubbles going through that caused the issues I think. 

    Anyway!.... I hope you’re all well and enjoying these little people. 

    Charlie is our third boy and we all love him so very much. 
  • Oh wow, one small change has made a huge difference! It's so upsetting when you can't comfort them. Great to hear he and you are doing well now.

    Casey is asleep on my lap right now, and I'm afriad to move, since he's been sleeping so poorly the last day or too. Just enjoying some me time on my phone . . . . . Inbetween admiring his cute little face! 

  • Aw, welcome to the world Casey and Charlie - aren’t you just gorgeous! Isn’t it the most wonderful experience, yet stressful at the same time?! But we just have to remember that the rough times are just (hopefully) phases and will pass with time.

    @JaneDC We are currently going through a fussy stage where she will cluster feed until I literally have nothing left to give. Makes me wonder if my body is producing enough milk for her.. She sleeps well through the day (especially since son has gone back to school after the holidays) but the night is a totally different story. Glad to hear your 2 year old isn’t put out by the baby. Our son has had our undivided attention for almost 6 years, so it is a major adjustment for him that baby is taking up some of our time now.

    We bought a Baby Bjorn carrier for hubby to used with our son, but never used it as he was far too big and heavy. Been meaning to dig it out to use again for baby. We also received a wrap / sling in our baby box, but looks quite complicated to set up! Shame, as it does look comfier than the baby carrier. 

    @LoomyNarti wow, who would’ve though such a simple change would have such a big effect?! Well done you for figuring it out 😊 We have bouts of inconsolable crying too.. thought it might have been colic but having read up on it, it doesn’t seem to fit the criteria so thinking it might just be gas / trapped wind as she doesn’t always burp after a feed, despite our best attempts and using infacol (plus you can see the obvious relief on her wee face when she finally does a noisy, explosive poop!)

    Hope you are all good and recovering well from the birth. (I was mega bruised from the section, but the bruising has now finally gone - hurrah!) xx

  • @OneBoyOneGirl - oh I know the feeling of wondering if there is any milk left!!!  Casey has calmed down with the feeding today. Hopefully we'll have a good night tonight.

  • @JaneDC yay, glad Casey has calmed down with the feeding and giving you a bit of a break. Hope you are having a good night tonight 🤞🏼

    What are your babes like at night? If we are very lucky, she may occasionally sleep for 3-4 hours before waking and needing fed (this is rare though 😔). She is more likely to sleep for 1-1.5hrs at a time before waking and needing fed.. which is strange, as during the day, she can easily (and happily!) sleep for 3-4hrs at a time.

    I’m already on the 2nd feed for tonight.. she got fed and was asleep around 930pm then woke up around 11pm. I’ve now fed her and she is asleep on my shoulder, snoring her wee head off - so cute!

    Beth seems to be a fan of waking up at 2am and being as bright as a button. We, on the other hand, are not a fan of this! The HV said that it might be due to breast milk having the highest fat content around 2am and she wakes up at that time for this high fat milk. Great, eh.. (!) 🙄 Also, she used to love to poop a lot during this time too, which is a phase she is currently starting to move away from - thank goodness for that!

    Hope you are all managing to get out and about with your babies, and not being stuck in the house and getting cabin fever! We are managing about once a week, due to bad weather (so cold, wet and windy!) and it being like a military operation to actually prepare to leave the house. Our son has been invited to a soft play party this weekend and also next weekend (and the weekend after that, he has his own birthday party at the same soft play place 🙈) - so wondering if we she take her along or if I should just stay home with Beth as soft play is a haven for coughs and colds and other illnesses. (I remember going to yet another soft play party during the summer when I was pregnant, and finding out afterwards that another parent attended the party with their child, knowing they had early symptoms of chickenpox 😡) Anyway, rant over - sorry! xx
  • Hey ladies, how are you and your babies doing? Hoping all is well.

    Baby Beth is now 5 weeks old but feels like she has been part of our family forever! We appear to have settled into a good routine, although a few blips here and there xx
  • All's good here, apart from Casey not being a great sleeper. But he's only 5 weeks old. Sleep will get better. Everything else is going well. We have our 6 week check up at the end of the week. Looking forward to seeing what he weighs. He hasn't been weighed since he was 2 weeks.

    This is my first full week being at home on my own with my 2 boys. Going well so far .
  • Hi @JaneDC! Glad to hear that all is well and that your first full week solo is going good so far - long may it continue 😊 Do you go to any baby/toddler classes or just try and occupy them in the house (and hope they don’t drive you up the wall? 🙈)? Our 6 year old needs constant attention - oh, so jealous of people with kids who are quite happy to play by themselves! - so drives us mad in the house so going out is the best option - weather and finances permitting, of course!

    Is Casey not sleeping in general or just not a great night sleeper? Beth sleeps well during the day (feels like she is asleep ALOT during the day though, which is good thing as I can get housework done, etc, but not such a good thing as I worry it affects her night sleeping but if we keep her awake, she gets overtired very easily and that is a whole other story!) and until recently, slept terribly during the night. But over the past few nights, she is actually sleeping in 3-4hr stints from about 9pm, only waking for a potentially nappy change and a feed. Still can’t quite believe it!

    You will have to keep us updated with how your 6 week check up goes and how Casey’s weight is. We have our 6 week check at the start of next week. We had a HV visit yesterday and Beth is now weighing 10lb 13oz (birth weight was 8lb 9oz), which is a relief as she dropped weight twice in a row in her first week.

    We had the pleasure of Beth’s first explosive poo this morning.. it went everywhere! All over the changing table, mirror and my pillows and sheets - yuk! 🤮 xx

  • Hi @OneBoyOneGirl,

    My eldest boy is in creche Wed to Fri. So it's only the 2 of us home alone Mon and Tue. He's nearly 3, and is happy to play by himself a lot of the time. So I'm lucky that way, he's not too much hassle. But I know at this age, it can change all of a sudden. 

    I don't know much about older kids, but I can only imagine that a six year old needs a lot more stimulation!

    I'm not going to any baby/toddler groups, but I have started to look for some close to where I live. Would like to go to one on a Mon or Tue, just to make sure my eldest isn't bored. Will try and find some class to go to with baby when eldest is in creche. Gets me out of the house too. Saw a poster today for baby massage, so will look that up. 

    Casey only seems to cat nap during the day. He sleeps longer stretches at night, but wakes a lot. There's no set routine. 

    He sleeps great for the first part of the night, but wakes up a lot after that. And is wide awake at 6 . . . .

    Beth sounds like she is a great weight. Nice to see them gaining. One less thingvyobworry about. Hope your 6 week check up goes well. 

    Is Beth smiling yet? Still waiting for Casey to smile at us, and not just when he's sleeping or about to go for a poo!! Can't wait for the first proper smile. 

    And I hope Beth doesn't have too many more poonamis!! It's the worst!!

  • Had our 6 week check up. Everything is good with both of us. 

    Casey weighs 11lb 10 now. Gaining nicely. 

    Next visit to gp is for his 2 month vaccinations. Time is going by too fast!

    I got a prescription for the pill. To be honest, haven't even thought about DTD and am very scared about the first time!!

     Not sure what birth control I want long term. Have always been on the pill, and have never had any issues with it, but going to look at other options. 

    Got the all clear to start exercising so I've no excuse now!
  • Hi both 👋🏻

    Sorry ive been quiet.
    Motherhood is hard! Connor is my first and so just finding our way as we go along.

    We had our eight week check and injections today (our doctors does it in one appointment) and all is well.

    Connor was so good for his injections and fingers crossed, so far we’ve got through without too much of a fever. Did have a sleepless night where he slipped out of his typical routine, but wasn’t too bothered as I’m expecting it to change every now and then.

    We’ve started a hello baby course (introductory course the baby sensory lady does where we are) and then will go onto her baby sensory classes.
    I’m also so excited as we got a place on waterbabies course too which starts in a few weeks. Can’t wait to get in the water with him! 
    I’m also looking at a baby massage course as we’re struggling a bit with colic and Silent reflux at times 😩😢
    He’s got a busier social calendar than me! 

    Hope motherhood is treating you all well and your little bundles are thriving xxx
  • Hi @Hollypops

    Great to hear Connor is doing well.

    You're keeping busy alright with all the baby classes. But you are right. It's good for both of you together out.

    I've signed up for baby massage, but it doesn't start till end of Feb. There's a mum and baby group on today, that I'm planning on going to. I hope it's not too awkward. Im not the most outgoing person, but I'll give it a try. 

    I did waterbabies with my first. It's a great course. It's expensive (I'm in Ireland) but it's worth it. 

    Casey barely slept yesterday, would only sleep for like 20 mins at a time . . . . On the up side, he's not feeding as often, so think he's feeding more efficiently now. I just started pumping this morning so DH can start helping with some feeds then I can gets bit more me time (sleep).

  • Just thought I’d say hi, I’m from the January 2020 club but Freddie was actually born on the 31st December so we’re pretty on the cusp! He’s our 4th boy, and apart from some initial health problems (complications from severe jaundice) he is now doing very well. Hope all Mummies and babies are happy & healthy and managing to get a little sleep 🥴xx
  • Hi @Geriatricmum and Freddie.Glad to hear he is doing we now, after having a rough start. 

    I am managing to get a "little" sleep, but not much more than that! But I'm ok with it. Just enjoying him being a baby while it lasts. And everything else is going well. 
  • Hi @JaneDC @Hollypops @Geriatricmum - sorry not been on for a while. Last few weeks have been hectic with stuff (nothing bad, just life in general - nothing stops when you have a baby!)

    Glad to hear that everything went well at your 6 week check up @JaneDC and that Casey is putting on weight nicely 🎉 Our 6 week check up was all good too, and like you, was given the pill again even though I said I wanted something much longer term as no more babies for me (although don’t want anything permanent, if you know what I mean) as 2 kids definitely enough for me! 

    We DTD a few weeks ago (it had been too long since the last time!) and while it was a little stingy to begin with, I got back into the swing of things quickly although a little sore afterwards. Will be glad once body is back to “normal”. Have you taken the plunge yet, so to speak? 😆

    How did the Mum and baby group go? We live in a small town so all these classes are in the bigger cities, so we have to travel about 30 mins by car to get to them.. factor in that it still seems to take a military operation to even think about getting out of the house as well as finding money for these things (especially on mat leave).. that being said, our HV has put us in touch with other mums close to us with babies born around the same time. Have yet to meet her but have been texting and she seems friendly.

    How is the sleep going? We are hit or miss at the moment.. sometimes she will sleep brilliantly through the day, which means better at night (although still waking for feeding around 2am and 5am) but other days, she seems to wants to try her hardest to resist sleep at all costs, which means she gets overtired so is harder to get to sleep.. vicious circle ☹️ Also, have noticed that sometimes she wakes at the slightest sound (never noticed how squeaky our floorboards are until now!) but other times, she sleeps like the dead.. no rhyme nor reason, totally random.. but like we keep telling ourselves, they are just babies and they are finding their own feet so just enjoying every precious moment with them.

    We have our 8 week jabs next week, so fingers crossed not too much crying 🤞🏼❤️ xx
  • @Hollypops - how is Connor’s colic and silent reflux now? It is heartbreaking to see them crying for so long 😭

    @Geriatricmum - Aw, Freddie is gorgeous and glad to hear that he is doing well after a tough start. Babies are resilient. But what a nice way to end the year, with your baby in your arms 🥰

    Hope all you ladies are coping ok. Babies are exhausting but so worth it - especially when they start smiling and telling you their stories ❤️ (We think Beth has started smiling, but difficult to tell sometimes if a real smile or if just gas!) Oh, and we had another poonami recently too 💩😷 I suppose better out than in! 😂 xx
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